In Hindsight

This is the In Hindsight thread.

In hindsight I should have gone for a faster processor on my laptop. There would have resulted a financial storm but I would certainly have weathered it. As it is a decision to save money in the short term has left me with a not quite as future-proof laptop in the long term.

What would you have done differently in hindsight? Trivial or not. It’s up to you.

Studied more in high school; Socialized a bit more too.

Tried harder to stay with my original job instead of not caring and eventually getting fired for my apathy.

Saved money instead of blowing it; Boughten a car.

In hindsight, I should have bought the house I now rent. I was newly single and financially unstable; if I had only known that my job was going to turn out just fine, I would have a good chunk of equity right now.

I may yet buy it, but prices are rising faster than my income is.

In hindsight I would have gone straight through school (University) the first time around and pursued an advanced degree.

…I would have moved my family to Florida a year sooner and taken the loss on the house. It would have actually been a net positive from a financial standpoint.

…I would have gone for it with Francis B. It’s a long story.

I would have finished high school, instead of dropping out in a fit of pique and getting my GED. And I would have pursued the dual semi-careers I have now with more enthusiasm and application.

Oh, and I would have made my parents give Dick Portillo the $500 he asked them to invest in his little hot dog stand.

I’d never have sold my '79 Firebird or my '78 FLH.

I wouldn’t have thrown out the schematics for that old stereo, 2 years before I learned to read them.

Oh, and I’d have worked a lot harder to bang as many hot chicks as possible, particularly in high school.

With hindsight I’d probably walk backwards much better. But then wouldn’t that be forward?

i would have never sold my '72 Fender P-Bass for a song back when I was fifteen. Aaaggh! Makes me mad every time I think about it.

I wouldn’t have left my really successful band when I did - I now realize if I had stuck it out another year we would have probably made the jump from big regional to small national tours.

I would have hurt less people with the fallout of my actions in general, and been more solicitous to those in need.

I would have saved more and spent less.

I would have gotten a part-time job in high school so I could afford to ask out the girls I liked, rather than sitting at home reading science fiction.

I would have skipped the music degree and gotten an MBA-MIS degree.

I would have duct-taped my mouth shut before saying certain things to certain people.

I shouldn’t have gotten my friend that job.

I shouldn’t have taken Biology during the summer, a couple of years ago. It goes by way too fast and I’m a moron in science.

I should have waited 6 months to buy a new vehicle, so I could pay off my medical bills more easily.

I would have dated more before getting married.

I would have finished my degree in 4 years, rather than 6.

I would have spent more time with my Dad, who died when I was 21. I could have learned so much, and I threw it away.

I would have trained myself to be neater, so that I wasn’t trying to break myself of it now.

I would have bought the SUV I wanted 4 years ago, instead of deciding on the safe route and getting the grandaddy car.

I should have insisted that I stay with my dad at the hospital instead of going home the night he died.

I should have stayed at my government job that I hated, because now when I really need insurance, I don’t have any.

Ahem!!! :dubious:

Yes? :insert sheepish grin smiley here:

I would have worked harder in school and gone to college.
I would have gotten the hell away from home as soon as I could.
I would have never married.
I would have gotten a vasectomy much sooner.
Saved more spent less.
Gone to more parties!
Oh, and I’d have worked a lot harder to bang as many hot chicks as possible, particularly in high school just like Danalan

I would have drank a lot less while younger and saved more money.

In hindsight, I should have worried less about what other people thought of me, and more about what I thought of them.

You should have gone for it. Francis B bakes the best pies.

In hindsight, I would have sold my Jetta last year. Then I would have gotten a hell of a lot more money for it than I did last weekend. But, hey, it’s gone and I’m happy! :smiley: