In Hotels are the Gideon Bibles meant to be taken?

So I got into a discussion with a friend regarding the bibles in the hotels. The debate is, are you meant to take them - is that the goal of the Gideons, to spread the word? Or do they only put them there so people staying will be able to read the word?

I didn’t know, he didn’t know, so I thought I’d ask here. My opinion is that they are meant to be taken, but I didn’t know for sure.

If you google the Gideons, they place the Bibles to read & share devotions. The Bibles should stay in the hotels.

Isn’t there typically a notice stamped into the opening page inviting the guest to take the bible? Did they discontinue that?

Heck I dunno. We weren’t actually *in *a hotel. I don’t even recall how the conversation came up. Also, neither of us need a bible. It was just one of those random conversations friends sometimes have over beers.

When I worked in a hotel, we had at least enough spare Gideons in the basement to replace every one in every room at least once. Considering they give hotel spares, I am guessing you either are permitted to take them, or they just expect that some will be taken.

Wonder if anyone has told the Gideon folks that they are also providing a source of emergency rolling paper? More than once, I have found suspicious organic residue in or near a Gideon Bible…

I just went to the Gideons website. Strangely, they don’t actually answer that question.

They don’t claim to distribute the books to anyone who wants one.

However, if a Gideon witnesses directly they will give you a bible. They distribute them through these “designated traffic lanes of life” to make them easily available for inspiration, so I suspect that if you find one and need it, they won’t object to your taking it. After all, if you decide you need it, then it’s doing its job.

In the Snopes article about money left in Gideon bibles, Barbara quotes the Gideons as saying “Some have been “taken” by those in need, but none have ever been stolen.”

That reminds me of the guy who knew his daughter had good morals, because every time she went out on a date she came home with a bible.

I once read somewhere that hookers put their phone numbers inside the front cover of Gideon bibles for savvy travelers to call.

Never seen this anyplace.
And I was just looking for a certain psalm, so get your minds out of the gutter.

When I shipped out to basic training, there were a pair of Gideon dudes standing at the bus, handing New Testaments to each guy as we boarded. Think I’ve still got mine around here somewhere…

You see them on college campuses quite often, too. Congregations of young adults seem to be popular Gideon-bible-delivery spots.

The Song of Solomon? :smiley:

It was wondered why they were so popular in jails, but unless you’ve made a holy rolly, you’ve not lived! :smiley:

I’m going to hell, aren’t I?

Yes you are meant to take them.

The Gideon Bible is a bit of Wisconsin history. The Boscobel Hotel

The following describe the founding and are about 80 years old in archive.

Gideons Honor Boscobel Birthplace

Wisconsin Men Started Gideons

Boscobel Hotel Birthplace of Gideon Order

In the late 70s and early 80s every fall they would hit the 2 college campuses I went to. They would give out the small version of the New Testament. In 1 day I would normally run into about 3 or 4 of them on campus.

The bibles aren’t MEANT to be taken, but if they are it’s no big deal.

It’s like the soap or pens in a hotel room. Those are MEANT to be for the use of the guest. If the guest takes them fine, but they aren’t meant to be taken.

(By soap I mean the extra unused soap still in a wrapper. If it’s used at all it will be thrown out. But the unopened unused wrappers are meant to be left there. But if you take them who cares)

Hint: the Psalms aren’t printed on the inside of the cover. :smiley:

I wonder how many people even notice whether a hotel room contains a bible and what percentage of those phone the front desk to complain.

Or are the maids required to check and report them if missing?

Then there are those rooms with both a Bible and a Book of Mormon. THAT is a morass I shan’t step in, but you can safely assume thems what placed them will be pleased you took them.

I saw the Book of Mormon and a Bible in a hotel in Alaska . But I don’t recall if Utah hotels had them too. I know I expected Utah rooms to have them so I looked for them.