In Islam, what's the worst/most blasphemous thing you can do?

Pretty much as the title, if you are a Muslim what is the worst thing you can do according to the tenets of the faith? What’s the worst thing a nonbeliever can do?

Though about asking in GQ but given the varieties of Islam out there I’m pretty sure opinions will have to enter into it. I don’t know enough about it to give a concrete answer on either, I’m guessing that one of the worst things if not the worst would be to claim you are a new Prophet and try and add/edit to the Koran, which would contradict a core belief, but I’m not sure, thoughts?

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I got the impression it was apostasy.

Shirk by defination is apostasy.

Is this by any chance related to the term “shirk” as in “shirk your responsibility?”

I wondered the same thing, and they don’t appear to be related. Our English word seems to be from a German slang word for a rogue or scoundrel.

Shirk would appear to be a subset of apostasy, that is, converting to idolatry or paganism. Would conversion to Christianity, Buddhism, or atheism be seen as somewhat less severe than that?

I doubt if there is a clear answer to an analogous question about Christianity, either. What blasphemous act in Christian dogma is most likely to consign your soul to everlasting torment?

It seems that the greatest sin in Islam is idolatry or more precisely “Associating anything with Allah.”

Don’t know about most blasphemous, but the Kaaba butt plug is said to be one of the most painful.

Blaspheming the Holy Spirit. It is the only sin that is unforgivable, an irreversible ticket to the lake of fire.


Matthew 12:31; “Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men.”

OK, then, I stand corrected. And irreversibly doomed, which I guess is something I can use as incontestable proof that proselytizers might as well just go away and leave me alone.

Don’t be so sure, there’s ways around it, namely that thinking about this sin and whether you’ve committed it is proof that you’ve not, since the sin is really about rejecting the spirit so that you don’t give a moment’s thought about it.

Ah, thanks AK84. Would polytheism rank worse even than, say atheism? Or claiming you’re the successor to Muhammad?

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Splashing pig’s blood on the Kaaba? Digging up Mohammed’s body and dressing it in B&D gear?

Which is kinda funny when you think about it. For many Christians the “holy ghost” gets a “ohh, I almost forgot about that part of it” reaction.

So, ironically, the part you should most respect is the one most ignored:smack: