In keeping with Cnote's thread, can anyone figure this?

Well, the night i was born, the moon turned all fire red
The night i was born, lord i swear the moon turned all fire red
Well my poor mother cried out lord the gypsey was right, and i seen her,
Fell down fight there

cause i’m a…


It’s “I seen her fall down right dead.” See, it’s because “I’m a voodoo chile. Lord knows I’m a voodoo chile.”

Jimi Hendrix.

“Seen her fell down right dead,” that is. :slight_smile:


“my red, so confidantly flashes trophies of war, and ribbons of euphoria, orange is young, full of dairing but very unsteady for the first go around. My Yellow in this case is not so mellow, in fact, i’m trying to say, it’s fighting like me. And these emotions of mine keeps holdin me, from givin’ my life to a rainbow like you, but, uh, we’re all…”

Axis, Bold as Love.

Curse you, sir…

Nice to see another Jimi head though

Oh my, yes. Jimi is definitely one of my favorite artists of all time. Very good to know I’m not alone. :slight_smile:

Alright man, just one more. If you don’t get this right away it’ll be murder… but then you might get it right away makeing me look like a fool

Alright, not even a full line:

“…with your majestic, and superior cackeling hen…”
Chew on that amigo