In Living Color DVDs: Why are some parts deleted?

On the *In Living Color * Dvd sets, several episodes are not complete? Why is this? I know they did some music video satire and perhaps the music rights were too expensive? Some of the episodes are only 16 minutes long. I believe that every episode aired for 30 minutes, so that would leave the average episode at about 21 minutes of actual television show with the rest for commercials.

It’s a C-O-N spiracy!

That’d be my guess. Even a show as recent as Chappelle’s Show is missing some musical performances.

You can thank the RIAA for this. A few years ago, citing “massive losses” from Napster and its ilk, the music companies decided to raise the re-licensing fees for songs in TV shows that were to be released on DVD. By like, a lot. Of course, rather than actually pay these exorbitant fees (and charge much more for DVD sets as a result), the TV companies chose to replace these songs with generic music. So, you can no longer hear “Nights in White Satin” in Wiseguy, “Love and Marriage” in Married…with Children, and other shows like Malcolm in the Middle and WKRP in Cincinnati remain in permanent limbo. (Cite.)

Once again, the music companies of the world have shown zero business sense by not only spreading the canard of file-sharing losses (industry profits were at their PEAK when Napster was most active!) but also forcing TV shows to expurgate their shows of popular music so the RIAA gets NOTHING, nothing at all. Everybody loses!