In Lord Of The Rings news today:

The first part of the Gates Of Argonath was completed:

Yes, I have read The Lord Of The Rings too much why do you ask?

One hopes that it’s on a riverbank. Just because. :smiley:

In a thousand years - they are going to dig this thing up and wonder if the Cult of Hobbiton(otherwise known as RingBearers) were actually onto something.

In other news - I’m now beginning to suspect that the builders of Stonehenge were just making a movie.

No sword. :frowning:

Ok, or axe.

Let’s hope they remembered the lightning rods.

That’s what you call irony.

And I thought it was the New Butter Jesus, now in Styrofoam!

I’m confused… what’s this FOR? Is this part of the shooting of THE HOBBIT? I don’t recollect they went past the gates…

Edit: I was fucking wooshed.

It’s Jesus!