"[...]" in lyrics and search engines

I’ve been using a few different apps to automatically add lyrics to itunes. But recently I’ve noticed the quality of the results dwindling. Specifically, often it will make poor guesses as to which lyrics to add even when it has proper tags; but worse, often the lyrics end after a few lines and a “[…]” So:

  1. Is there any way to search for this on the internet? Every search engine I’ve tried ignores punctuation, making this impossible. They don’t care if it’s in quotes. This makes it difficult to do true exact phrase searches or search for things like image file names. Any solution?

  2. Any idea what is causing the lyrics issues?

  1. Most lyric sites are unauthorized and the lyrics are often unofficial – just what a person has entered for the lyrics. It’s possible that there are variations, which causes the problems you cite.