In Memoriam

aenea, long time poster and 99er.

Santo Rugger passed away 7 years after a motorcycle accident. His long struggle with his injuries was followed in this thread.

anyrose, long time board member and fixture in the MMP has unexpectedly passed away as a result of complications to an injury. Fondly known as rosie and “the cute one”, her memoriam thread can be found here

Fluiddruid, long time SDMB moderator.

Zoe long time poster and wife of Zeldar.

Frank, formerly known as This Year’s Model and a former moderator passed away after a fight with lung cancer. Announced here.

Chacoguy long time poster passed in the beginning of the new year.

MonkeyMensch has passed away:

Buddha_David has passed:

Long time member and 99er rjk passed away.

Former Doper Runadoc, mother of Posyn, passed away in October. Condolences to Posyn and her family and all those who mourn.

Long time member Maggie the Ocelot has passed away.

Long time member kopek has passed away.

Our admin TubaDiva has passed away.

ATMB thread:

MPSIMS thread:

Long time member jz78817 has died.

Moderator Jonathan Chance, aka Nate Wooley has passed away.

Long time member txobbin has passed away.

Long time member Supervenusfreak has passed away.

Long time member and moderator Colibri has passed away.

Long time member dropzone has passed away.