In Memoriam

Over the years the Straight Dope community has included a huge variety of memorable and remarkable people. Posters come and go for their own reasons, but some have left us much sooner than we would have liked. This is a short list of friends who have died over the years. We miss them, but we’re glad to have known them in the first place, and thank them for helping us fight ignorance and pass many happy hours.

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Dirty Devil

We have lost a friend: poohpah chalupa.

Mimi, Ayesha’s mother.

Persephone, kindhearted mother of two, beloved of Eutychus.

Padeye has passed away, husband to TheLadyLion.

Straight Dope AOL member FixedBack.

The passing of a member, game lover marque elf.

Toymaker, a member from the Straight Dope’s days on AOL as well as the message board.

Sunday morning puzzle regular aseymayo


Ayesha, a longtime member from the early days of the board, and wife of LIONsob.


The hilarious and unique Askia.

Palikia,mother of Darth Nader.

Longtime lurker and Creative Loafing music writer russjourn.

Former pilot and knowledgeable World War II veteran David Simmons.

Veteran and tinkerer A.R. Cane.