In memorium: Gatopescado's mother has passed away

@Gatopescado , our beloved long time funny wise-cracking king of the online drive-by post
Has lost his Mother early today.

I’ve talked to him off board for many months and he has been her caretaker, her champion for a long time.
I’ve listened to his troubles and woes along the way. I hoped I was helping alittle. I tried.

He’ll probably come in here for drive-by directed particularly to my ‘Granny Hawkins’ persona.:blush:

But, y’all think of him alittle during the next few hard days to come.

((((Hugs)))) Mr. Fish don’t kill me, plz

I’m sorry Moderators.

I meant to put this in the memorium thread.

Can you move it plz.

I’m so sorry to see this. My condolences to you, Gato, and to everyone who cared about your mother.

@Gatopescado, will be holding you in the light. Our hearts are with you.

Gato, my heart is pounding. I was afraid we had lost you. I’m so sorry for what you’re going through. Please take care of yourself.

Gato, a PM awaits you.

Yes, I was afraid we’d lost our number one dachshund daddy.

Much condolences on the loss of your mom. No matter what age it happens, it’s always hard.

Very much this.

Gato, I’m so sorry.

I edited the title to make it clear who died.

I’m so sorry to hear. May her memory be a blessing to you. Your mother is your very first social connection, and that makes it especially hard to lose her.

I see how it could worry folks now.

Sorry to hear this. I remember when my own mother died.

Nothing hurts like the loss of your mother.

Peace to you, @Gatopescado

May your memories give you comfort.


Losing a mom hurts deeply. You are in my thoughts, Gato.

I’m so sorry. Sincere condolences.

Thanks, everyone.

Oops. I’m in trouble now🙄