In need of some computer upgrading help..

I have been thinking about ugrading recently. I want to build a system around a 1.2 Ghz T-bird (there are just so cheap). But I really lack the knowledge on how to go about finding what parts I need, and actually building the system. Such as what motherboards are recommended for a T-bird? What would be the form factor of so and so mobo? What kind of power supply would I need? The list goes on… I really do not want to spend 1k$ + and end up frying something. Its taken me months to get enough money to afford half the thing I think I will need. So you can see my concern. Do any of you have any websites that could help me build/explain the things I need to know?

May I suggest This link to find out more about new motherboard technology? (They just reviewed a batch of new T-bird motherboards, plus they very recently started a 3-part DIY series on choosing parts and building a machine)

That should give you enough to chew on for a while.

When you’re ready to buy, check out for pricing.

Well, I once asked my local computer shop how much they would charge to put things together for me of parts I bought from them & they said $50.00

Well worth it.

Let me just add that building your own computer can be a remarkably simple thing, as long as you’re careful and follow every direction you see listed in your hardware manuals. It took me about four hours to get the system I’m currently using up and running. One thing I would like to know, however…what is it that you think you need? Putting together a simple list of things you’d like your computer to do helps determine the things you actually need to buy.

From out of the various pkgs, to fully assembled takes about an hour. And I’m blonde. This won’t be hard for you, hardware is the most reasonable part of a computer. :wink: