In need of Support--for my Breasts

Okay, I’ll admit it–I need an underwire. My puppies aren’t as pert as they once were, and need a bit more structural integrity to truly be the eye-stopping wonders that they so deserve to be. But every underwire I’ve ever tried bugs me to death inside 5 minutes. So, some advice from the lovely ladies is requested–good brands for both comfort and a bit of prettiness? I’m a D or DD (depending on the style) and a 42 or 44 (depending on my mood), I’d like to avoid the uni-boob look, but I don’t want torpedo tits either. I thought about going to my local Nordstrom’s for a fitting, anybody have experience with that?

And yes, you darling little boys, you can make all the jokes you want, but that won’t get you any closer to these magnificant beauties–for that you got to be sweet to me. :smiley:

Happy to oblige.

Costuming from “The Last Starfighter” immediately comes to mind

Mmmmm…torpedo tits…

[sup]I’m sorry, did I say that?
Honestly, if I knew my stuff about bras, I’d help you, but …I – I just can’t.[/sup]

In another thread yesterday I recommended the Bioform, and I’ll do it again here. Rather than an underwire, these have a flexible plastic paisley-shaped insert that is broad under the armpit so it won’t poke.

They are from Britian, and I don’t know if any briocks-and-mortar stores in the US carry them yet, but they can be ordered online from several sites, like Figleaves.

Don’t know anything about bioform. I’ve always worn underwires, and they’ve never given me a problem. But, I wear a bit smaller size than you. However, I thought that they were made for the larger sizes. Anyways, LOTS of places do fittings, and they all say something like 9 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong size. Maybe that’s it. OR, what I have to do, I have to try on like 15 of them before I find one that makes that perky look. Good luck.

Now I’m really sad you won’t be at the Portland Dopefest next week. :wink:

I gave up on underwire a long time ago. OUCH… and I admit to a preference for the comfort of a sports bra.

But, I have had good luck with bra fitting at J.C. Penny’s. So when I go all out for looking good and not the comfy, I head off to Penny’s for assistance and have never been disappointed.

If you go to Nordys, I’d be interested in hearing how they are.

Good luck to you.

I think a uniboob would look really, really odd. In a neat way.

That’s all I had to say.


That’s so sweet. I’m thinkin’ I may be wearing a V-neck sweater when I do make it to a Dopefest, just for you Ferrous.

flodnak, elgar and cadolphin, thanks for the straight answers–I’ll check our Figleaves.

Keep trying boys–they’re worth it! :wink:

If flodnak likes them, I won’t gainsay a satisfied consumer. But I ordered one of these and ended up sending it right back after one try-on. I didn’t like my soft, tender bits half-encased in a hard, plastic carapace. I mean, I wear a plastic breastplate when I fence, but I don’t want to walk around in one all day. I didn’t find the plastic nearly flexible enough to suit my taste and I don’t think the perforations would be very effective for cooling given the local climate.

Kallessa, I’ll second the fitting. Those ladies generally know their stuff (if you get a real fitter and not some salesgirl). I’ve worn underwires (36DD) for years and they are more comfortable than banded bras unless they are the wrong size. There are lots more pretty styles for larger ladies than there used to be, but they don’t come cheap. I like Vanity Fair’s My Satin Fantasy because the crossover straps at the cleavage leave room to move a bit so the wires don’t dig. I also like Bali Silver Lining Minimizer (#3544) for non-torpedo tits and nice drape to your clothes. It’s not necessarily any help getting a brand or style recommendation from someone else, since even gals who are the same size don’t have it distributed the same way. I can’t wear an Olga to save my life, but it might just be the thing for you. You just have to try on until you find something that looks and feels good on you.

cadolphin, if you know of a good sports bra that doesn’t ride up or curl up under pressure, by all means share the wealth. I haven’t found one I like much yet, though I keep trying.

I also need suggestions for a sportsbra (I want to go back to the gym). Cadolphin, please share the information. :slight_smile:

I think you need one of [URL=“”] these

fooey. fixed link

I think I have a box of Pixie sticks in the kitchen…

Every time one of these comes up -

I ADORE my bra, to the point where I’ve been known to take off my shirt in front of other women to convince them of the benefits:

Pricey ($51), but I bought four of them about three years ago and none of them need replacing yet.

(If celebrities wearing your bras sways you, Wacoal is what Oprah wears, and the woman at Nordstroms had sold a bunch to Wynonna Judd the week before I bought mine).

I’m a 34 DD - so am familar with the needs of a full figured woman.

Nordstroms does a fantastic job fitting - possibly the best fitting I’ve had.

42 DD checking in here.

I go through bras pretty quickly, so I don’t spend a lot of money on them. Playtex has a line called Basics, I think, that works really well for me.

I’ve heard other (non-celebrity) women rave about Wacoal; I may have to look into this. But I like to try a bra on before I buy it and we don’t have Nordstrom’s here, just Nordstrom Rack. I don’t think they carry lingerie and I know they won’t have fitters. :frowning: I suppose I could order a fistful of stuff and send back whatever doesn’t suit. I’ve done that before with Victoria’s Secret, but it does gall me to pay shipping both ways just for the opportunity to try on. At least most places have quit treating Hawaii like the Idiot Bastard Son and shafting us on postal fees.

I like the Interactive Bra very much! (Especially the “Hi, Joe!” line.) :smiley: But it looks like it’s interfering severely with the fit of the woman’s clothes. And I think it might have an off-putting effect if she were trying to strike up acquaintance with a man she was interested in. Also the price is not listed. I think maintenance and upkeep might run more than the original cost. I hate finicky care instructions. If I can’t just throw it in the washer on “delicate” and hang it to dry, I’m not interested.

Plus, does it look like that thing would fit neatly in any drawer you’ve got? I mean, come on!

get underwear with a SOFT CUP (for a more natural look)

always hand wash so the wires don’t slip or twist.