In order to save the world, angel must neuter himself in order to relate to the peons.

Neuter in the sense of wings / angel powers/status, not in the sexual sense. There’s a bunch of angels doing it for love, such as in City of Angels, Meet Joe Black, Wings of Desire and some other movie that I can’t think of.

Really, more of a circumcision than a neutering- a covenant thing with God.

Fallen angels with clipped wings is more a Samson and Delilah dilemma, mankind is the feminine aspect, and the angel and God is the masculine aspect.

“Neuter” in the sense of “negating their powers”- the horrid “City of Angels”.

Meg Ryan’s cute but not worth sacrificing Angelhood for, especially with the dumb biking stunt.

As with most European films that were remade for American audiences,the original Wings of Desire is superior in every way.

Probably Far Away, So Close, the sequel to Wings of Desire.

He’s also the one who dictated the Koran to Muhammad, so maybe that’s where the dick part comes in ?