In order to save the world, angel must neuter himself in order to relate to the peons.

Is anyone besides me sick of this theme?

Actually, I can’t think of another movie where an angel neuters himself for any reason. I know they didn’t have sex organs in Dogma, but they were created that way.

Not specifically an angel, but Hollywood loves the plot where the hero can prove he’s a hero even stripped of his powers.

I saw the preview and we’re supposed to believe that a neutered angel and like a dozen people can fight hordes of millions of angels.

Why is the angel Gabriel always such a dick in every movie?

Because he’s the Angel of Death popularly. People don’t like Death so they think that Gabriel is evil.

My favorite portrayal of Gabriel is by Tilda Swinton in Constantine. Damn Tilda Swinton is super hot. :wink: I met her once, she’s a fucking amazon.

Kevin Durand seems to be cast as The Dick a lot, but at least he’s hot.

So … he’s not neutered right?

As always TVtropes has a page detailing this phenomenon, along with links to related cliches. They call it Brought Down To Normal.The examples section is lengthy but hardly exhaustive. This is an extremely common trope with superheros. The comics section alone could probably fill out an entire page all by itself.

The linked bit talks about Bettany’s character cutting off his wings, not neutering himself, exactly. Didn’t that also happen in Dogma? Something about being able to enter the cathedral?

My self-control must be expanding. I only spent 15 minutes on TV Tropes this time. Go me!

In Dogma, the forgiveness loophole only applied to mortals, so the angels had to become human in order to take advantage of it.

Not Christopher Walken?
I couldn’t figure out why Damon’s character in Dogma was named after the Norse god Loki if he was supposed to be the Angel O’ Death.

:confused: Gabriel is now the Angel of Death? Which religious tradition does that come from?

Angel of Death? Gabriel is traditionally the chief of the herald angels. He’s the one who told Mary that God was going to knock her up, and he’s traditionally considered to be the one who announced Jesus’ birth to the shepherds. I’ve never seen any indication in the Bible or the surrounding folklore that he has anything to do with death-- If anything, Michael (a warrior angel) would be closer to that.

In Jewish folklore, Samael is the angel of death.

I’m really not too sure what the movie is about, but I do know that I will be seeing it.

Also, something of the sort happens to Lucifer in the (untold) leadup to the eponymous Sandman spin-off comic.

HE gets them back

I don’t know but I have seen several movies where Gabriel is called the Angel of Death. I don’t know where it comes from but it seems to be pretty common in B movies.

In the wonderfully campy Van Helsing Gabriel is played by Hugh Jackman.

I thought Hugh Jackman played Van Helsing.

For the movie, they changed Van Helsing’s first name from Abraham to Gabriel and make various references to the Archangel. He’s still a dick.