Supernatural 4/15 "Point of No Return"

Isn’t this episode 100 or something? Where is the thread?

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Damn you slash-baiting writers…

So, what do we think has happened to their brother? They did not show his eyes burn out, so I assume the angels kept him.

Only a few more to go and next week’s looks like a stand alone episode. I wonder how they are ever going to wrap this up.

I also wonder if they had hoped to get “Jacob” for more time to film him as Lucifer, but he ended up being needed in Lost more, which films in Hawaii. He’s barely appeared this year.

Well, I was wrong about Dean having some sort of trap for the angels going in, but one look into Sam’s puppydog eyes and he improvised pretty nicely. Z was one of those characters you love to hate, but good riddance anyway. Good to see Dean re-establish his “the hell with ‘destiny’” attitude, and hopefully now he realizes how much the rest of the crew have pinned their hopes on him to come through and Do The Right Thing. As for Adam, well of course we don’t see him get vaporized or anything, and since he IS part Winchester, maybe he can serve as a temporary vessel for Michael, like John did when Anna went back to try to kill Mary and John.

It’s still unclear to me why Mikey and Lucifer need human vessels at all in order to fight it out; maybe angels are only capable of dying while in a vessel or something?

I imagine at some point Sam and Dean are going to meet God; wonder who they’ll cast for that, or if they’ll just make him a light and a voice type of thing? Though it’s already been done before, I can imagine a Morgan Freeman type in that role on SPN.

When last we saw Lucifer, his vessel was beginning to show some wear and tear; I imagine the next time we see him he’ll be a wreck. Gotta say though that Mark P. has carved out a nice specialty niche for himself playing Jacob AND Lucifer at the same time. What a dilemma, you’re typecast as a super powerful mystical being!

Still looking for Gabriel to get involved in the fight on one side or the other, either directly or indirectly.

I think it’s kind of funny that Sam can find Dean just by tracing the likely steps of his “farewell tour” but the angels who seem to know every detail of Dean’s life can’t do the same, or that they never thought to simply track the Impala. Oh, well.

Thoroughly enjoyed the ep, and am looking forward to further development - as well as the one-off next week. Same kind of pacing I used to LURVE in BTVS/Angel.

Man, God must be a dick if he’ll fry a couple of guys just to chat with an employee!

Thought it odd how many angels got offed so quickly. What is the explanation for why Cas is a superangel? And what is with the special angel-stickers? (I’m terrible. As much as I enjoy shows like this, I just gobble them down like popcorn, failing to retain crucial elements of the arc.)

Man, Dean’s ex is a hottie!

I love that my car (62 Vair) makes the same sound as their Impala when you open and close the doors!

Oh - also, the part where Zach said “I keep hearing this, when I want to hear THIS!” was one of the coldest, nastiest things I’ve seen in a while.

I thought it was awesome, which is good because I hated last week’s episode so much. It ended on an up note, you guys. That NEVER happens on this show! So delighted.

RIP Zachariah. You were awesome.

I don’t think the angels do know Dean that well. They were only able to get at his desires (like, for the hamburgers in the season finale last year) by actually getting into his mind, not because they knew his character so well. They can’t do that anymore because they can’t find him, thanks to the Enochian sigils on his ribs. I’m fanwanking this, but I doubt they know how to find people any other way because they just don’t have the experience. They’re used to just being able to find people immediately, so tracking probably doesn’t occur to them - instead, they lay a trap.

I bring you word from the fangirls: both the Sam/Dean and Cas/Dean shippers are going apeshit over this episode. So, so, so much fanservice. So much.

Me too (failure to retain). Where did Dean get the angel sticker – it’s not something you can hide in your pants. Was this the first time we saw the angel stickers?

So now Sam trusts Dean to do the right thing, but does Dean trust Sam?

That wasn’t God (not that God isn’t a dick). It may have been Michael, but do we even know that Zachariah reports directly to Michael? Could be someone lower on the food chain, Zach does have that middle-management vibe to him. Or did.

That was a brilliantly satisfying scene by the way. Actually killing Zachariah was just gravy, the really good stuff was making him not only fear his impending death, but realize his place in the scheme of things. :smiley:

Oh, and Cass isn’t a ‘superangel’ (quite the contrary, really), he’s just learned some cool tricks lately. I love badass Cass. The special angel stickers I can’t help you with.

Poor Adam. :frowning:

Didn’t he get it from Cas? I was multitasking, so maybe I missed something. And of course it’s not something you can hide in your pants, you hide it up your sleeve!

I think he must. He was going to say yes to Michael (by the way, I started yelling “No Dean NOOOOO!” at the TV at this point) because he didn’t trust Sam to stay strong, but in the end he didn’t do it. I’m inferring that that means that he does trust Sam.

And now Sam’s going to give Dean his amulet back (he fished it out of the trash, natch) and THEY’RE GOING TO LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

I’m pretty sure we’ve seen them before but I’m not sure.

I assumed he picked it up as he walked past that first dead angel who was lying right outside the door to the room. Then when he pulled it out, I got the impression they made it look like he had it up his sleeve.

A nice touch I rewound to see again were Zach’s scorched “wings” after he died.

We first saw the angel sticker when Uriel tried to use it to kill Cass (back when angels killing each other was wildly unusual), and then Anna used it to kill Uriel, and while we’ve seen Cass use it a few times since, I think this is the first time we’ve seen other angels use it, though I could be wrong.

I wasn’t paying close attention, but I had the impression Cass stole them from angels he fought at the beginning.

So has the obvious been addressed? Lucifer is an angel, which is why the magic gun didn’t work on him, so why can’t the brothers just kill him with an angel sticker? Or those don’t work, why don’t the angels just give them a weapon that will work?

Lucifer is special, so such things don’t work on him. In the previous episode, we found out Dean qualifies as a righteous man because he could kill the “Whore of Babylon”. In the 100th episode, Dean is supposed to fight Death, himself.

The way things are going, I don’t see why they wouldn’t just cast Alanis Morrisette.

I’m leaning towards Adam now being Micheal’s vessel. They’ve made it pretty clear that Dean just won’t say yes at this point. I think as long as Sam and Dean stick together, they can both withstand agreeing to be ridden by angels. So, the final battle of the apocalypse takes place between Lucifer in a decaying body and Micheal in Adam’s.

Or who knows, maybe Dean will walk up to Lucifer and stick him with the Angel Stabber 3000 while he’s being distracted.

Hoo boy, that sure would be anti-climactic.

You would rather Michael use John Locke’s body? :stuck_out_tongue:

You think it’s anti-climactic NOW, wait 'till you actually see it. In fact, the final battle is a 4 hour chess match between the two of them. And it will be shown in real-time.

My biggest question at the moment is to wonder if Adam gets to stay alive after Micheal is don’t using him as his ride.

If Cas lost faith in Dean, why was he willing to take on four angels to save Adam?

Loved the shadow of Zach’s wings.

Yes, he stole them from the 2 angels that ambushed him in the beginning. At Bobby’s they made sure to show him putting both of them down. And for the love of Og, can we call them something cooler, like angel shivs or daggers? I spent 5 minutes trying to figure out what stickers (the sticky kind) you were talking about.