Supernatural 10/30

No thread yet? I thought it was good, solid episodes. Loved everything from the standard Dean gags – the cheerleader fantasy, eating all the candy that he and Sam were going to pass out to the kids (how is that man not topping 200 lb the way he eats?), “fingering your bone,” – but the angst also rocked. I feel Sam was pretty damn justified in using his powers last night, but really, he needs to start planning ways around it. Why can’t he just cast the demons out with Latin?

Castiel continues to intrigue me. I like the idea that angels rely on faith in regards to God’s orders, because I really don’t see God as an entity that feels the need to explain himself. Not sure how I feel about Chuckles, Castiel’s new friend, but we’ll have to see.

Sam meeting Castiel = awesome. “Oh my God! I mean, I’m sorry! Oh! It’s an honor!”

Sigh Sam smearing Dean with blood is not sexy. Sam smearing Dean with blood is not sexy. Sam smearing – you know what, it’s not working. It was super hot. This show has wrecked me.

I was kind of surprised that every character pronouced Samhain phonetically. Really? Not one person involved in the production had a Wiccan/neopagan friend at some point? Come on, guys.

Yay for Robert Wisdom as Uriel. I really liked him as Bunny Colvin on The Wire, and it’s always nice to see people from that show getting work.

Overall a fun episode, and I like all the angel-related intrigue. The back-of-the-throat POV shots during the razor blade incident were hilariously yucky. That kid’s astronaut costume was pretty great. When he vandalized Dean’s car, I thought surely he would play some more significant role in the episode, but it turned out he was just there to be funny and get Dean’s goat.

How is Samhain supposed to be pronounced?

Sort of like “sowin.” The first syllable more or less rhymes with “cow.”

Yeah, the pagan stuff was not so much of the accurate–which is weird, because usually the research department is pretty good. Samhain’s just the name of November in Old Irish (mind you, the weather we get in November…)

Dean has a secret that he’s not telling! I think this plot thread actually goes back to Bloody Mary in season 1, so good on the writers for continuity.

Oh, the heartbroken look Dean gave Sam when he used his powers… :frowning:

I submit that bobbing for apples is totally not lame. Who’s with me?

That bugged me, too. It’s Celtic - doesn’t everyone know that Celtic things are the hardest to pronounce things in the world? There is no such thing as phonetically pronounced words in Celtic. :slight_smile:

One thing of note - Sam is more powerful than Samhain, who is apparently one of the big bads. Yikes! There is something fishy about the angels not wanting Sam to use his demon power, since he uses it for good. Is it just because it comes from demon blood, do you figure, and it doesn’t matter what he does because he’s an abomination to them?

Pure speculation - they realize the more he uses his power the better at it he will become - to the point that the angels themselves will have something to fear.

I was proud to bust out some of my biblical knowledge on this one. My friends said “Oh, shit” when I told them Uriel was an archangel.

I’m with you. That girl never would have died if she’d understood how it works though. You don’t bite the apple first, you wrap your lips around it and suck. Then it’s held in place so you can get your teeth into it. Yeah, I know how that sounds, but it’s the best technique. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure I ever saw “Bloody Mary.” A friend is borrowing our Season 1 box set right now, so I’ll have to wait awhile to go back and investigate.

Sometimes I get distracted by the boys and don’t pay enough attention to the story, so this episode was confusing. Samhain is a festival, not an entity, but they seemed to be talking about it like it was an entity.

Also, on the mispronunciation, I don’t know how to pronounce it either, but at least I know it’s not Sam-hane. Sam should have pronounced it correctly. Dean could then say “What?” and Sam could spell it out for him, and after that Dean could mispronounce it all he wanted.

And what happens every 600 years? Samhain is November 1, every year.

Totally didn’t get why the cheerleader allowed herself to be strung up. What if the boys hadn’t shown up to save her? Did she have the power to save herself? It was a nice twist, but a bit nonsensical.

I find this show is a lot better if you don’t think too hard about the details like that. A lot of the plots kind of fall apart under close scrutiny. The show’s real strength is in the characters and what they’re going through, and the rest just coasts along. But yeah, I find myself going, “What? Okay, whatever,” a lot.

Liked the ep. The chunky astronaut was probably my fave.
What - y’all never heard of old Sammy Hain? :stuck_out_tongue:

The teacher was her brother, and he was gonna sacrifice her. Presumably he had rigged it so she couldn’t use her powers. The baddy was kinda disappointing, though. I wanted a horde of evil, not the weak zombies.

I always thought Dean was brought back so that he can kill Sam. :o

I don’t think that Sam is an abomination to them, but his power is. I think that the angels have a good old fashioned “power corrupts” POV that is multiplied about eleventy million times when they consider the *source *of the power in question. In other words, their concerns are not especially different from Dean’s.

I love that Dean’s approach to Uriel (and at this point, to a lesser extent, Castiel) appears to be "Well yes, you surely can kill me, but You are Not The Boss of Me.

Simwife and I were discussing this again yesterday -

If you watch the scene where Sam is fighing “Samhain”, it takes considerable concentration/effort for him to win - so much so that Sam is showing signs of physical distress (bloody nose, fingers to the temple, etc…)

What if Sam’s body can only take so much usage of the power, and they really want him to save his power for the “big event” instead of wasting it on demons they can take care of ‘other ways’ - in other words, he has only X amount of uses before it kills him.

And seriously Sam, if you can take the time to give the demon a big old fist to the chin, all you really had to do was use the knife at that point instead!

I think that’s the way they’re shaping up this arc, actually. Castiel and Uriel are going to put the pressure on Dean to lead the angels against Lilith and her hell-on-earth plan of breaking the seals. Ruby is going to bug Sam into taking out Lilith and/or taking over the demonic army. It all depends if Sam is going to go darkside or not–and the angels, very much worried about this, are going to seek to take out Sam by any means.

Well I watched “Bloody Mary” last night to see if could figure it out but I’m not sure I did.

The episode is about the Bloody Mary legend where is you say her name in front of the mirror three times she shows up. The twist is though she only murders people who have a “secret” that they have hurt or killed someone in the past. So if you are innocent then she doesn’t show up for you and hse leaves you alone.

Well at the end of the episode the boys decide to call her by having Sam summon her. He could do this because he let a girl die through inaction because he did not follow his prophetic dreams to go and save her because he didn’t want to tell Dean about his dreams because dean would freak out.

Well they summon her and start smashing mirrors when she shows up and Sam’s eyes start bleeding, indicating that he had a “secret”, and then when Dean comes back, he had wondered off to deal with some cops, and his eyes start to bleed too meaning he must also have a secret. But they never talked about it later.

So Dean might have a secret where he killed someone in the past that nobody knows about.

I’m not sure if I’m missing anything but that’s what I got out of watching the episode.

I thought the big deal about Sam using his powers is that the human doesn’t have to die, as it usually does when killing a demon. So, both of them have killed lots of humans, right?

How come people are talking about Supernatural, but not Smallville? That last ep was great.

Which Smallville? Sorry, my roommate tapes them so my timesense is a little off. The Valentine one was sucky, but the “cape” one was pretty decent. Gave me renewed hope we’ll see him in the outfit. And I want more Davis-that guy’s just damn fun to watch.