Supernatural 4/30

We got some backstory on the man Castiel has been inhabiting, and Sam…Oh, dear.

I can’t walk right now, because Supernatural JUST BROKE BOTH MY LEGS WITH AWESOMENESS.

I’ve been telling people this for a few years now, but this is one of the best shows on TV.

Misha Collins knocked it out of the park with his portrayal of Jimmy, after the establishment of his Castiel persona. Dean’s (seemingly prescient) statement to Sam (if I didn’t know you, I’d want to *hunt *you) is swiftly reaching fruition.

I like the actress that portrays Ruby, but can the character possibly survive into a fifth season? Hard to say. It would take some major kind of sacrifice on her part, and so far she’s been the one providing demon blood to Sam, so my thought is that she’s been on Lucifer’s side all this time and has been using both Sam and Lilith to break the seals. I expect she will in fact die (or be sent back to hell) but only after unleashing Lucifer somehow (or helping it along) and then season five is going to be about sending Lucifer back to the pit.

There have been many awesome episodes of Supernatural, some better than this one (Mystery Spot, Ghostfacers, etc.) but even this one episode is better than all three seasons of Heroes, and I would say better than most of Lost. And I’m pretty sure they’re not going to fuck up the season finale the way that Heroes does every time out. Come on, Heroes watchers! Get caught up with a GOOD show!

Agreed. It’s amazing to me how few people even know about this show. At a time when so many TV shows start off great and then fail to keep up their standards and sink into boring medocrety, Supernatural had rather humble beginings and has grown into this fantastic, epic melodrama. It’s one of the most entertaining shows on TV.

I was pleasantly surprised by Misha tonight. Castiel doesn’t allow him a lot of range, but as Jimmy, he really proved himself a talented actor. The scene where he’s begging Castiel to reposess him killed me.

One thing I didn’t get - Jimmy’s wife witnessed a very real miracle: her husband sticking his hand in a pot of boiling water without consequence - but still insisted her husband was just going crazy. Last I checked, schizophrenia didn’t protect you from burns.

One thing worries me. As a Buffy fan, it’s bound to worry me. I think we all remember the horror that was magicrack, don’t we? If Whedon and Hannigan failed so epically at supernatural drug addiction, I’m not sure I trust Kripke and Padalecki to pull it off with grace. But we’ll just have to see.

I missed it and now I’m dling it from itunes, but I have to leave before it’ll finish dling.

BOO. Everything sucks.

If someone here doesn’t have the DVDs, be sure to check out the bonus features. They’re all worth watching, but the gag reels in particular are a riot, and the season 3 featurette about the Impalas used on the show is very interesting.

This has been one of my favorite shows since its very first episode. There aren’t many shows that can successfully combine a supernatural premise with drama, action, suspense and wiseassery, but this one does it again and again.

I’ll bet they are, just based on that clip of Dean goofing off to Eye of the Tiger they showed at the end of one episode this year. That was priceless!


That episode, as a matter of fact, was the first one I had ever seen.

My friend had been telling me about it for a while, but I don’t give him much credit for TV shows. Boy, was I wrong this time. (I’ve been wrong before.)

It was a great episode, only a little backstory required, and the goof at the end was hilarious! :smiley:

I’ve been hooked ever since.

Oh, and then there was the episode with the wishing well and the teddy bear and… Oh, I can’t say it… But I just about peed myself when I saw that.

Oh, okay, I’ll show it…

All that aside, I’ve finally caught up on the backstory and love the show. It’s also pretty cool that the writers give these guys a chance to get a little every now and then, eh? (nudge-nudge, wink-wink). :smiley:

[Fanwank] Maybe Mrs. Angel thinks hubby’s madness allows mind over matter a temporary reprieve. She’s not really *that *that religious[/FW]

Okay, I finally watched and HOLY SHIT.

[spoiler]Sam just drinking the demon’s blood straight from the neck? Made me yelp in disgust. Several times. MAN that was awesomely disgusting.

This is shaping up fantastically. You knew, way back when, that something like this was happening, back when John told Dean he’d have to kill Sam if he ever went bad, but it’s pretty awful to see that it might actually happen. Well, of course I’m pretty sure Dean and Bobby will save Sam somehow. Eventually.[/spoiler]

The Teady Bear incounter/suicide is possibly one of the greatest moments of the show. I watched this episode with a friend who had never seen it, and though she never picked the show up, she saw me dooding a bear on a paper 2 months later, and asked, “Is that the suicide teady bear?” I drew her a bear with a gun in his mouth just for that.

The season two gag reel where Jared farts loudly mid scene, and Jensen just gets this LOOK on his face, and spends the next two minutes escaping the Impala is beyond funny - juvenile, but sooo funny. Easy to find on Youtube, if you’re interested.

I hate to break a fanwank, but I think mind over matter would bring reprive of the pain, but not burning or scaring.

The gag reels are hilarious. Watching them makes me wonder how they ever make a finished product, it looks like they spend all their time screwing around and having a good time. Especially if you watch the Season 1 gag reel, like half of it is the episode…I forget what it’s called, the evil painting episode…oh yeah, Provenance. They clearly had a LOT of trouble filming that episode without dissolving into giggles every ten minutes.

“I dunno, maybe it’s enough to bring…Jesus Christ!”

“…To bring Jesus Christ back?”

Don’t Jared and Jensen just seem like two guys you wanna hang out with?

No comment, as mind is in gutter.

It’s okay, you can want to have a threesome with them too. That’s a form of hanging out, right?

“They know we’re brothers, right?”

“It doesn’t seem to matter.”


I’m not too worried. So far this is making much more sense and being played much better. The Buffy thing wasn’t thought out well and seemed to change premise to fit the convenience of the episode. The only that concerns me here is that Sam was getting pretty strong without the demon blood before, but in this episode he seems completely ineffectual without it, unless that was just a really higher echelon demon.

I just hope that if they go this route, that Sam actually, you know, does something actually bad, that, you know, hurts people. If it’s just some sort of mythological badness that offends some arbitrary rules of the show’s version of God that will be very lame. Like people go to hell for coveting on Reaper lame.

Well, I think he’s already doing something bad, at least in the eyes of the angels, and, presumably, god. Namely, he’s not following their instructions. This is a surprisingly complex situation. AFAICT, here’s the deal:

  1. The angels say that Dean is the one who will stop Lilith, but he has to do stuff their way.
  2. Sam thinks Dean’s not strong enough and needs his “help”.
  3. Dean thinks Sam’s version of “helping” is actually incredibly self-destructive and besides, he’s gotten all of these ideas from Ruby, whom Sam trusts and Dean doesn’t.
  4. We’re actually pretty uncertain as to what everyone’s motivations are besides Sam and Dean’s. We know that both of them want to kill Lilith, it’s just their means and allies that are different. As far as we know, Castiel doesn’t give a shit if both of them end up dead. Lilith’s own motivations are now questionable, given her behavior in The Monster at the End of this Book (AKA That Really Meta Episode).

Did I miss anything?

I like it! I feel like this incredibly vague unsettling storyline has slowly been coalescing into something more concrete in every episode. But I don’t really see how Sam needs to do something specifically BAD - he’s already gotten himself in trouble with the angels by doing exactly what they told him not to. Of course, if it turns out that the angels’ motivations are lousy (at least, to Dean), who knows what will happen?

Now I’m just rambling. Anyway, good job, Show. I am entertained and have no idea what is going to happen, which is delightful. I just hope that the brothers can fix things up THIS season, so that the final season doesn’t pit them against each other.

There’s a huge theme of role reversal between Sam and Dean this season, and the ‘faith vs. faithless’ role is my favorite. Remember, it was only two years ago that Sam admitted that he prayed every night, and Dean looked at him like he was naïve and Pollyanna-ish for doing so. Now, Dean is praying and giving himself up to the will of God and the angels, while Sam is acting like Dean is being a fool, and he’s trying to take matters out of God’s hands and into his own. I love it. Some people complain that Sam and Dean have changed too much over the last four years, but given the massively horrible things that have happened to both of them, it makes perfect sense for them to be where they are now.

I agree. I don’t think Sam has to do something ‘Bad’ in order to be suspect to Dean. At this point, Dean’s put his faith with the angels, and if they don’t like what Sam’s doing, Dean doesn’t like what Sam’s doing. I don’t think that the show wants us to think that’s a good thing. Maybe at first, but I’m guessing we’ll soon find out that Dean’s following a little too blindly (mirroring Castiel and Uriel).

It’s weird how when you watch Supernatural, it seems like it’s not taking itself seriously, but look at how complex it it!