Supernatural 9/18

Is back tonight! Yeah! Dean in hell, Sam sad, demons everywhere!! Not sure why I geek up for this show, but I do love it.

Because it gives you everything you secretly crave in a TV show. Unbelieveably hot men, often shirtless, firing guns, experiencing mental anguish, hugging, and crying. When ‘popcorn’ shows want to have a good time, they get together and watch Supernatural. It’s like eating a pint of ice cream for dinner, but without the guilt.

I’m over here counting down the hours. You know we can practically guarantee at least one crying hug, and I’m betting on two myself.

Nooooooooooo!!! I’m in Houston and our power is still out from the hurricane. We’re going to miss it! I guess we can get it from iTunes whenever the power comes back on, but having no electricity is sucking more and more each day that it isn’t powering the TiVo.

Supernatural is back!!!

I won’t get to watch it tonight, but that just means that we’ll watch it Sunday, after a marathon of season two’s greatest hits.

Does dance of joy

I’m so excited for tonight. It’s a double whammy for me. New Smallville and then immediately after is new Supernatural.

Cool. I had the end of last season stored up and just finished watching it a couple weeks ago, so it’s still relatively fresh in my head.

Where’s all this hugging? Mostly they just have a beer and say something snarky.

I still haven’t watched the end of last season’s Smallville. Gonna have to marathon watch.

Hot Dean, Hot Dean, Hot Dean, Yay!

They hug when something very, very dramatic happens. Like someone returning from the dead, for example. Mark my words, we will get hugs.

Because of lines like:

“He full-on Obi-Wan’ed me!”

Yay! Thanks for the reminder! I know what I’m doing tonight!

You guys get it tonight? I have it on my calendar for tomorrow! (Yes, I really do have it on my calendar.) Mmm, homo-erotic brotherly love, often without shirts. Mmm mmm mmm.

In case you’ve forgotten why we watch the show, Dean, Dean, Dean, and Sam,Sam,Sam. My GOD those boys are pretty!

(And the great writing, of course.)

Well, now if they woke up in their hotel room looking at each other like that every morning, I’d say homo-erotic brother love. :stuck_out_tongue:

They don’t in your head?
Wow, crisis averted - I just checked my listings, and it is indeed premiering tonight! Last time I listen to commercials telling me when shows are supposed to be on!

Oh sister! You don’t want to know what they do in my head. :eek:

Noooooo! Dammit, my husband is going to be away for the evening and he wants me to wait to watch! That means I won’t see it until tomorrow night at the earliest!

I think this justifies divorce. I really do.


Show’s started for me, so mild SPOILERS for first 15 min:
Oh yeah! TWO hugs! Who called it? Who called it?! And a little shirtlessness (with tattoo!) to boot. God, I love this show.

I still think Sam brought him back somehow.

But what did he do?

Wow, cheesy wing effect! That was…interesting. i was imagining something a little different, but I’m willing to go with Krypke on this one. Unfortunately, this episode more or less confirms what I’ve feared - Dean will fight on the side of good as Sam slips into darkness.

Still, gotta love Sam’s Obi-wan exorsism.

Well, I have to say I enjoyed the show. I don’t watch it for the Brothers Shirtless™ but for the supernatural element. And I must say them introducing this new mythology into the show makes things a lot more interesting.

Also, that handprint scar looked wicked. Ouch.