Supernatural 9/25

*Episode 4-2. “Are You There, God? It’s Me…Dean Winchester.”

Winchesters and Bobby Singer encounter the angry spirits of people they couldn’t save.*

I’m pretty pissed off about the episode title. Not because it’s the most unintentionally hilarious title possible, and the actors, creators, and fans are bound to be embarrassed every time it’s brought up, but because if they ever do an episode where Dean is possessed by the spirit of a 12 year old girl, they wont be able to use it again.

Dean must, he must, he must increase his bust!

What makes you think it’s unintentionally hilarious? It’s funny, even if The Venture Bros. beat them to it four years ago with an episode called “Are You There, God? It’s Me, Dean.” I’m assuming Dean Winchester doesn’t end up suffering from testicular torsion like Dean Venture did.

I’m curious about where they’re going with all this “God” business. I see no reason to assume that even if a God exists in the Supernatural universe, that this God is benevolent or in any way interested in humanity beyond being useful tools in whatever cosmic political/military situations God, angels, all these demons we’ve been seeing forever, and any other entities might be involved in. I can’t really imagine Dean (or Sam, at this point) buying into a big “I let all these horrible things happen to you because it builds character” argument. If there is a God involved, he’s screwed over the boys throughout their lives just to make them weapons in whatever war he’s in, much like their terrible father did. That’s the way I’d go with it if I were writing the show. Let Dean finally resolve all his daddy issues on a cosmic scale once and for all.

I am just ridiculously, unbelievably pleased that

Victor Henrickson will be back for this episode

and that is all. :smiley:

The preview seems to play it as a serious episode, so I find it weird that Krypke gave it such a goofy title. Especially since the first thing I thought when I saw it was, “On a very special Supernatural, Dean notices that his body is starting to change…”

We’ll know that they ripped it off from The Venture Bros. if Sam asks Dean if he injected pot into his scrotum.

They’ve left it pretty open before, but we still don’t have proof that Castiel is who he says he is. Demons on this show don’t know if Lucifer exists. It’s not beyond belief that angels don’t know if God exists. Perhaps Castiel is a devout angel who believes he is doing God’s work. It could go either way at this point.

Yeah, Castiel could be all true-blue and still unknowingly be working for a bad boss. Trivia: according to the website I’m linking to, in whatever angel folklore exists, Castiel apparently is “an angel of Thursday.” Hee!

I didn’t see the preview for this week’s episode – it didn’t come with the iTunes download. It doesn’t matter that the episode’s tone is serious (or “serious,” since we’re talking about Supernatural here), the title’s humor is obviously intentional.

Post-viewing thought: Altogether entertaining episode. However, I’d rather Supernatural not even deal in the world of religion if the best they can do is “If there’s a God, then why do bad things happen to good people.?” Seen it, and heard a thousand replies. Still, cute Winchesters, cute angel, fun angsty plot, Bobby…all I can ask for, really.

But…appocalypse? That doesn’t bode well for a long-term show run. An appocalypse triggered by a demon? My S. Baptist mother would have a conniption if she’d seen it. I’d still like to work out the theology of this show one day.

What? An apocalypse? Now? :smiley:

Apocalypse? In my cute brothers being manfully adorable about each other show? It’s more likely than you think!

I liked it–it felt like a really satisfying episode. I love Bobby and his panic room; I love how they might be setting up a “Sam wants/needs to save Ruby” arc (so he knows he can be saved? Sort of like Frodo and Gollum?); I love how Dean isn’t totally on board with Castiel yet; I love how they’re thinking through stuff and working out the massive issues these boys have.

Plus, of course, pie. :smiley:

Jensen Ackles does some good work in this show. In his scene with Castiel, you could see him go from Dean-bravado to terrified in seconds. He had the perfect “Oh shit” expression, and then he woke up.

I won’t complain about the show using the problem of evil. I loved “If you say in mysterious ways I’ll kick your ass” (paraphrased).

And “When have I ever forgotten pie?”

Well Nowish anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Have they signed Sarah Michelle Gellar up for a guest appearance, I hope? Can’t have an apocalypse without Buffy!

Six angels died this week? Twenty hunters? How many seals have been broken? If I were Dean, I’d totally be asking “Is this God dude omnipotent or not? And if so, where the fuck was he while sweet, virginal, self-sacrificing Nancy was being flayed alive?” (Something that I could have gone through the rest of my life happier for not knowing, by the way, even if she is entirely fictional.)

I also have a sudden desire to be touched by an angel (preferably without the massive scars, though). Castiel is hot like whoa.

Fitting that it was an episode of ANGEL, too, huh? :smiley:

Bolding mine.

JSexton went to the San Diego Comic Con and watched the panel of Supernatural people and in this post he says,

post is here

So yeah, no long term run but I’ll be happy if they do a good job on closing out the series.

Yeah, I’m glad they don’t plan on running the series into the ground. Tell your story, then get out. I’ll miss it, but that’s much better than hating how bad a once-good show sucks that should have ended years ago.

I don’t mind Dean bringing up the whole “why do bad things happen to good people question,” because it’s an excellent question if you’re supposing there is a God and this God is supposed to be good, omnipotent, and omniscient.

Bobby’s panic room was awesome. If you’re a known hunter, why wouldn’t you have one of those?

I agree with DianaG; Castiel really is “hot like whoa.” I don’t trust his ultimate intentions, but that’s okay…I don’t want a relationship or anything. :wink:

-You built a panic room?
-I had a free weekend!

I also was a little uneasy when they started debating theology-lite. And when they said “Lucifer walks” I thought, no WAY they are going to be able to handle that on a weekly budget.

Oh well - still entertaining. Glad the damned Cubs didn’t screw with my viewing this week.

Ack, that reminds me. I might not be able to watch the boys on TV from now on because apparently my CW affiliate doesn’t have a deal with Time Warner and might not be carried on cable starting 10/2.

I’ll be a bitter pickle if that happens.

I liked this episode, although I’m hoping beyond hope that every week doesn’t have to do with the apocalypse or trying to defend a seal, etc. I like the light-hearted episodes and while there were a few funny lines (pie comes to mind) this time, it was more serious. Serious is still awesome, but I like my funny too dammit.

And it’s a lot easier question to answer for a world without demons, ghosts, monsters, etc…
If it’s just humans, the answer could always be “we have free will and God intervening in our affairs would take away that free will.” But if there are supernatural monsters and demons killing people left and right, well…THAT pretty much fucks with our free will too, doesn’t it?

I like Castiel (or the guy playing him) - he does a very good job of being a bad-ass angel. Which, by the way, I liked how they mentioned what we were talking about just last week - angels aren’t all lightness and fluff. Perfect line - “Read the Bible.” Plus, must agree with all the “easy on the eyes” comments - so many hot boiz on this show. :slight_smile:

Bobby rules. No such thing as an old, bad hunter in this universe.

Something doesn’t feel right. Lilith is bad ass and all, but Sam could have taken her. Now she’s running around undoing seals that involve Lucifer, God and angels. Seems out of her paygrade, and how could Castiel have lost six brothers? Surely any angel could whoop Lilith’s ass. Who or what is killing angels, if not Lucifer? I find it hard to believe Lilith could even be involved in this level of cosmic fight, much less our boys.