Supernatural 10/2 (spoilers)

Dear God, that was AWESOME!!!
I had heard speculation that Mary had sold Sam to the yellow-eyed demon, but I loved how it was handled - and now we know where the family’s tendency toward deals with demons started - that and their incestous sexual tension. There were more “keep it in the family” moments in that episode than a VC Andrews book.

Yes, this was a great episode.

“What, did Angels get their hands on a bunch of DeLoreans?”


I heard Jared had to do reshoots on his new movie, so I understand the lack of Sam, but man, I missed him–he had what, all of two minutes? The eventual confrontation between the two of them is going to be heartbreaking and massive and epic, but still.

Mitch Pileggi! Oh, Skinner. :smiley: (We get canonical incest and it’s not Sam and Dean making out?)

“Sam’s not looking for you.” SHUT UP, CASTIEL, NOBODY LIKES YOU AND YOUR [del]PRETTY, PRETTY[/del] FACE.

I loved it. I love how tight the writing’s getting this season, how everything is slotting into place, how each episode feels really satisfying at the end. More now please.

Tonight was awesome. I really liked this episode and how it fit into the over-arcing mythology of the show.

Best line of the night, though, was clearly:

“Sammy, wherever you are…mom’s a babe. …I’m going to hell.” pause “Again.”

And I agree Dean. Whoooweee. Young Mary Winchester was smokin’.

Great stuff this week.

The grandparents - Sam and Deana. Nice touch. I do hope the show doesn’t mess around with time travel any more (I could have lived without them doing it at all - seems like time travel is all the rage, don’t you know). Looks like we were all right - it’s gonna be brother versus brother in a big showdown. I really like Castiel, too - he’s very broody. Like all your better Angels. :slight_smile:

It was cool to finally get so much backstory. This season, you can really feel the momentum of the entire show ramping up to something big. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but this might be one of the rare shows that ends up being really satisfying as a whole. Happily, their ratings really good this year too.

I didn’t like the backstory being that Dean being sent to the past causes all the crap to happen - far too Terminatory for my taste. And Castiel kept saying - “You have to stop it.” Stop what? Try to stop the yellow-eyed demon (what was his name, Azrahal or something?)? Was Castiel just messing with Dean, telling him he had to try to stop things when in fact he had to make them happen?

featherlou, Castiel confused me too. It’s not like Dean needed motivation to go after Yellow Eyes. I don’t get why we had to see Mary and grandpa kissing. Ew. Gross.

Nice job finding an actor who could pass for a young John Winchester. I love the time travel stuff, but it’s nice that Dean didn’t waste a lot of time accepting that it was happening.

I’m liking S3 much more than S2.

I thought that was obvious: Stop Sam from going down *that *road. And showing the backstory served (within the mythos) to motivate Dean that even though Ol’ Yellow Eyes is dead, the threat is not over.

For us, on the other side of the fourth wall, it really connected the dots. I doubt this was only the table when they started plotting the show, but it’s a great credit to the showrunners that they actually make things fit within the arc/mythos without it feeling contrived.

Supernatural is not the best show ever, but it’s well contained, the writing is tight, my suspension of disbelief is seldom disturbed and the quality is steadily getting better. Also, I love that the show is a lot smarter than what it presents itself to be. Too many shows try out for smart and are actually dumb. Supernatural goes for ‘dumb’ but is really very smart.

An aside, since this is leaving the show and bordering on philosophy/religion. In a way, this reminds me of Joan of Arcadia (sadly missed) in that the Angel (or God in JoA) doesn’t really do anything. He only suggests certain paths. How does that fit with the canon (so to say) of Christianity, i.e. not only the Bible but also tradition and lore?

Very well put. A good point of contrast is another show with an angel, Saving Grace, which would dearly love to be smart but is pretty dumb.

That’s not how I saw it. At the end when Castiel said “You can’t change destiny” or however he put it, the way I understood it was that the events were going to happen regardless of whether Dean was there or not. That in the original timeline the yellow-eyed demon would have found Mary anyway and the same set of events would happen, and inserting Dean into the timeline might change details on how the events happened but the end result would still be the same.

Was anyone else worried that the writers were going to have the yellow-eyed demon be Dean’s father?

Isn’t it obvious?

Dean stopped his father from buying the VW van. He assured that the destiny of Metalicar was fulfilled.
Can you imagine Sam and Dean tooling around in a VW van? No one gettin’ laid tonight!

I hated that. If he can’t change destiny, how is he supposed to stop Sam? I’d have been okay with “you can’t change the past”, but “you can’t change destiny”? The hell? Free will?

This episode was depressing, upsetting, and thoroughly awesome. Mary was a hunter! I can’t believe that never occurred to me.

Aside from the entirely wrong color of the eyes, it really was a good resemblance. But it was the girl playing Mary who I found eerily like the older actress.

Small Hen, I was surprised that Dean didn’t swagger away from his encounter with John at the car lot saying “Well, my work here is done!”

Same as the Trickster taught Sam an incredibly painful lesson in “Mystery Spot”, I wonder if this wasn’t Castiel’s way of easing Dean into the realization that he’ll have to kill his brother.

As far as free will, there is, of course, the theory that God is so omnisent that even though we have free will, he fully knows what our will is going to be, even though we still make the choice ourselves. So Sam’s destiny is by his choice, even though God (whoever He may be in the Supernatural verse) already knows the outcome. But maybe I should be getting into actual theology in the middle of a Supernatural thread. :slight_smile:

Thought the same thing myself.

My take on it - the “It” he has to stop is Sam, and this trip was to show him his history and why - ‘how’ he stops Sam from fullfilling whatever it is he is supposed to fullfil is still up to free will.

But, yeah - Old yeller would’ve never met Mary and John, nor killed off Sam and Deanna had it not been for the trip back…

If for no other reason, than because Mary wasnt in his list of folks visited by old yeller - nice he had it in chronological order too.

Wouldn’t say “worried”, but yeah, my initial theory was that the boys’ mother had caught a case of hell fever.

Right, and this shows Dean that God will not change the past. Therefore, Dean will not ask, “Why don’t we just go back and prevent Sam and me from existing?”

He has learned that God does not work this way(if God exists in Supernatural).

Well, sure, when you point it out it is. :slight_smile:

(Nobody swaggers like Dean!)

I like Sam a lot, but an all-Hot Dean show is just fine with me. :smiley: