Supernatural 4/15 "Point of No Return"

I didn’t come up with the term I copied it from previous posters lol. Call them whatever you like.

OK you’ve forced me to do… research. Horribile dictu!

The various Supernatural wikis call them “Angel Killing Sword” or

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This. So much this.

I thought maybe they meant that symbol you can slam to make angels fly away. I was all “that’s not a sticker, it’s symbols written in blood, oh… you mean the silver knifey thing”

I’m trying to see if it has been answered in the thread so far, but I thought only Angels can kill Angels.

How did Dean kill an Angel?

The fangirls have been discussing this, and there are three popular theories.

  1. Bad writing. The doofy writers forgot that they said that only angels can kill angels. Which was a stupid idea anyway because then why would the demons even bother fighting them?
  2. Because Dean is an angel’s vessel, he’s close enough as makes no difference.
  3. Michael actually took possession of Dean’s body and what we saw in the final scene wasn’t Dean at all, but Michael.

Is #3 plausible? It has a couple of things going for it: Dean did say yes. When he killed Zachariah there was a distinct glowy thing in his eyes that was not normal. And, of course, he was able to kill Zachariah.

We shall see.

OOoooh - could be, could be. I think Michael took Adam, and that’s why he locked Dean out and things got all glowy in there, but that would be a helluva twist, Michael in Dean already.

I kept waiting for the line - “Angels really are dicks.” :smiley:

Castiel gave the brothers the sword to kill Ana in another episode, so he must think that humans can use it. I think all that was originally said was “Only Angels can kill Angels”. That might have just meant “Only Angels have weapons that work on Angels”.

And that quote came from Uriel, who wasn’t exactly the most trustworthy of angels…

I think it’s more likely #4, which is that only Uriel said that only an angel can kill another angel, and Uriel was so full of himself that he never bothered to contemplate if humans could also use the Angel Killing Swords. They must be some sort of holy weapon that demons can’t use, but if Dean is a true “servant of heaven” (as is Cass, apparently) he can use them…or maybe humans in general could use them, I dunno. I don’t think that Michael took over Dean at any point in this episode, because (1) Michael isn’t exactly subtle and would have announced to everyone that he was there and (2) considering how difficult it has been to get Dean to say ‘yes’, I don’t think he would relinquish control so easily once he got in. What may be likely is that Michael takes over the brother and uses him as a temporary vessel, like Lucifer is doing with his temp vessel.

I think you’re probably right.