In Other News, or Events of Secondary Importance on Famous Dates

What would have been the leading news story on 9/11/01 had the towers not been attacked?

Or November 22, 1963?

December 7, 1941?

or any famous or infamous day that most of us know of.

For some events I remember the month and year, but not the day:

December (8th/9th?) 1980: Murder of John Lennon

March, 1981: attempted assassination of President Reagan

Or any that you wish to add.

Is there a site for this sort of thing–news “also rans?”

Sir Rhosis

November 22, 1963: Aldous Huxley dies. (this I found on Wikipedia which has a page for each day in the year).

November 22, 1963: C.S. Lewis died as well.

On the day that John Lennon died (it might have been the day before) another musician died. He died by his own hand though. He was in a punk rock band called The Germs. He was a talentless dipshit who thought that he would only achieve fame if he died tragically and young ala James Dean or Buddy Holly. This loser picked the worst possible day he could have to do the deed.


The headlines on pretty much every paper in Norway on the morning of 11 September 2001 were about the previous day’s election, which was the closest in living memory. Many people were listening to radio broadcasts at work to hear if any progress had been made in negotiations to form a new coalition government, which meant the news of what was happening in Washington and New York City spread faster than it would have on an ordinary weekday afternoon. (We’re six hours ahead of Eastern time.) Negotiations were, perhaps not surprisingly, suspended for a few days out of respect.

The night the bombs started falling on Baghdad in the Gulf War, King Olav V passed away.

I was born the day they buried Eisenhower. I like to think that if Eisenhower hadn’t died, my birth would have been reported more widely.