In praise of Gary Mack, of the Sixth Floor Museum.

Years ago, I had to do a research project regarding Gen. Edwin Walker, the right-wing general that Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly shot at before etc…
So, I called Gary, at the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas. He was totally brilliant, cordial, and professional. And, he helped me better than I could have asked for. He knew an amazing amount about the body of work that pertained to Walker when I called him to ask for permission to do the research from the Museum. In regard to the Museum, Walker was only a footnote, and he didn’t even blink before he started reeling off all of the amazing resources he had, displaying an intimate knowledge of them. He was diligent in bringing the materials out, and very solicitous. And, around noontime, I overheard some co-worker ask him if he wanted to go to lunch, and he said he was tied up. Guess who with? But, he didn’t mention it to me.

Oh, well, it’s late, and I’m a bit maudlin, but he was a great help, and he did some ‘above and beyond’ stuff for me in my time of need, and I just thought that I’d mention it to somebody!

Best wishes,