In Praise of Hoyt Axton

Oooookay, my Della and the Dealer conundrum seems to be sinking like a stone. (49 views and not a single comment) So I just gotta ask, what do you guys got against Hoyt Axton? Hah?

Hoyt had a marvelous creaky baritone voice even if he did write songs about unusually intelligent animals. He wrote “Joy to the World” about a Bullfrog named Jeremiah who apparently had an extensive wine cellar. I don’t suppose his wines were very dry though.

He also wrote and sang the theme to the MST3K classic “Mitchell”. And appeared on McCloud and WKRP in Cincinnati. So don’t tell me the guy was not worth responding to. You snobs you.

He also wrote Steppenwolf’s “The Pusher” and “Snow Blind Friend” and had an important role in Gremlins. But I think there are plenty of others with comparable credits; he was good, but not great.

His mom was cool.

Whenever I think of Hoyt Axton I think of “Lion In The Winter”, a duet he did with Linda Ronstat. Beautiful song. Not what he will be best remembered for, but a song I never tire of.

…hey, one of my favourite Hoyt Axton songs is “When The Morning Comes”, which is another duet with Linda Ronstadt.

I have nothing against Hoyt Axton–great songwriter. I must have missed the original thread.

Did he write Geronimo’s Cadillac?

(Sorry–wee bit tipsy tonight.)

He wrote my most absolute favorite Ringo song, The No No Song.

I know of Hoyt Axton, and his “Della and the Dealer” song. I remember him singing it on WKRP–that was the episode when he came to Cincinnati to marry Jennifer. Unfortunately, outside of that episode, I’ve never heard “Della and the Dealer,” so I didn’t feel qualified to answer.

He’s worth responding to, and I’m no snob. (Hey, I can comment on Tom T. Hall’s “Old Dogs, Children, and Watermelon Wine,” fachrissake.) But I know nothing about this song, and I’ve heard it nowhere else, other than its appearance on WKRP. Sorry.

Played the father in the movie Heart Like A Wheel, the story of Shirley Muldooney, played by Debra Winger IIRC.

Bonnie Bedelia

Great fun movie. And WHO is not respecting Hoyt Axton?

That’s just wrong.

I love “Boney Fingers” and “Never Been to Spain”, too.

Beaten by about ten minutes. I was going to say that the guy worked his fingers to the bone and what did he git? :smack: I didn’t know he wrote “The Pusher” or “Greenback Dollar” or “No-No Song.” I’m getting edumacated here this morning.

As I recall, he did a lot of voice-overs in commercials and that sort of thing.