In Praise of Porridge (aka Cream of Wheat)/ Your comfort food?

Is there any more comforting comfort food than a bowl of nice warm porridge with butter? All creamy carbohydrate, bordering on the pre-digested.

My tummy is feeling slightly delicate, as are my sensibilities. A nice warm bowl of Cream o’ Wheat sounded just right. And so it is.

Of course, I’m completely strange in that I eat it with butter and salt, versus the sugary, milky ways that most people consume it, but I’m sure we who indulge all get the same sort of cozy, comforted feeling from eating it. Don’t we?

Another Cream O’ Wheat fan!! I was never much for oatmeal, but that creamy farina with a little brown sugae and butter, maybe a dash of half & half, I’m good for seconds!

Mmm. I love that stuff. In fact, I think I’m going to go make some right now.

Cream o’ Wheat or Oatmeal:

Butter, a dash (not gallons) of milk, a pinch of salt and a little brown sugar. MmmmMMMmmMMMMMMmmm.

I’ve got an employee who fries up bacon and mixes it and some bacon-fat in her oatmeal and makes a dinner of it. Which at first sounded yukky and bizarre, but upon reflection sounds pretty damned good: salt, fat and carbs. What more do we need? :stuck_out_tongue:

Fenris, hungry