In praise of sweet tea vodka

A haiku:

Oh, sweet tea vodka
You make me forget my cold
Summer in my mouth

Firefly sweet tea vodka and water on ice has made my crappy day a little bit brighter. (And it’s the only distillery in South Carolina - support local hooch!)

Try it with lemonade.

My wife, who rarely drinks, has gone crazy for this stuff. Everywhere we go she tells everyone about it and there is always one or two people who are crazy for the sweet tea too. They end up going on and on about Firefly and sweet tea in general, sometimes for hours. Some kind of tea cult has grabbed my wife!

Her recipe: Start with sweet tea - she makes her own but lots of places have it these days - and add the Firefly, lemonade and a slice of lemon.

I believe that’s called a Stephen Colbert. We’re sick, though, and stuck with what we have in the house, so we’re drinking it with water. :slight_smile:

:frowning: I didn’t like it. I love tea, but never add sugar. But when I saw a bottle of sweet tea vodka, I keyed on the word “tea” and bought it. I drank it all, but would never get it again.

I also bought a pink lemonade vodka. Again, I didn’t like it but I drank it all.

My gf is the genius in the relationship. She just got me a huge bottle of grey goose in an attempt to keep me from harming myself.:smiley:

I love Firefly Sweet Tea vodka mixed with Raspberry Crystal Light, in a tall glass, in the summertime. But it’s definitely a summertime cocktail for me!

For cold weather, I’ll stick with hot chocolate with a shot of Kahlua or butterscotch Schnapps!

Wow, I can’t believe so many people like it! We got it at the restaurant I work at over the summer as part of some new “promo” drinks, and they’re still around. They don’t sell much at all. Maybe it’s because I’m ion the northeast, and most people here don’t like sweet tea in general, what with the grossness and all.