In praise of the administrators & moderators

In The BBQ Pit, there is a thread entitled “Administrators, Moderators and the rest of the Teeming Millions.”

I wrote the following:
“For what little it is worth, I vote with Alphagene, Zette and Ugly: no one forces you to participate on this board; if you don’t like the rules, go elsewhere.”

John John wrote the following reply:
“Well, yeah, that’s an option, but what if you just want the rules applied evenly, assuming, arguendo, they are not? Let us use the stale restaurant illustration again. You like the restaurant but the new waitress is turning your meals into a tums tempest?- see post above on this subject- Do you stop frequenting your favorite restaurant, or ask the owner to send her back to the scullery?
If everyone is satisfied with the treatment by the administrators and moderators, as it appears from the posts in read in their praise and stop flirting with flutes and fairy dust.”

If you want to know more about the posts that inspired the above change, see the thread.

Well, I am rising to John John’s challenge. I think the moderators do a damn fine job of running this board, especially considering a few Straight Dopers are flaming idiots. Granted, David B is a smartass and JillGat had the temerity to disagree with me, but I think the moderators are fair, patient and even-handed most of the time, especially since they do this for free.

Granted, they are not perfect, but I think they do a far better job than would the bozos who are constanting pissing, bitching and moaning about the moderators and administrators’ performances.

And John John, I have never flirted with flutes and fairy dust in my life.
So there! PHTHHBBT!

Armed, dangerous…
and off my medication.

I’m a Nimrod myself.
One line should read: If you want to know more about the posts that inspired the above exchange, see the thread.
constanting should be constantly

I’m with you, Peyote. It’s a thankless job, yet they pull it off every day.
There’s been one or two glitches, but they’ve been resolved with good grace and style.
There isn’t one moderator I would like to see fired.

This space for rent.

Hell, I respect them for the spam blocking alone. What a crap job that must be!

There will never be perfect moderators. Either you use an automated filter which will censor innocent posts, use the imperfect human option, or don’t moderate.

I think it’s fine to critisize(sp) the moderators if they’re out of line. But it’s been done to death, already. Time to move on.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

I think the moderators do a pretty good job too. And since they’re doing it for free, I’m inclined to give them a lot of slack.

I know some people complain about how they sometimes seem arrogant or sarcastic. But from reading “The Straight Dope” column, that’s exactly the way Cecil Adams is, so I don’t see why people are so surprised when the moderators act the same way.

The main advice I would have for a new board member is “don’t get a moderator mad at you!” I do think they are more severe with people that have irritated them.

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H. de Livry

I’ll put in my vote of support- thanks for doing a thankless job. I appreciate having a spam-free message board to enjoy with minimal trolls :slight_smile:

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Good for you, Peyote!

It’s about time someone extended a thank you for the job they do. Of course the riches, glory and public adulation are some slight compensation for their efforts…

Hang around an unmoderated environment and compare the stupidity, slime and viciousness and then look here. Hey, if everything isn’t run perfectly all the time for all people, it’s still a damned sight (site?) better!

And this comes from one who pulled a newbie’s boo-boo and had a moderator jump right on the payback wagon. Ok, so some posters were just going to send magazine subscriptions of dubious nature. THIS moderator suggested sending catalogs for plastic inflatable farm animals!

(P.S. My mail carrier has been lurking on SDMB and will probably delurk soon.)