In Ricky Nelson's "Garden Party," who is Mr. Hughes?

“Wearing his disguise” is more obscure, but presumably had something to do with Harrison’s habit of traveling incognito.

Actually this may have more to do with the movie “help”. In the movie the is a part where the beatles in an airport lobby, going to the Bahamas in “Disguise” yet the Beatles are looking as they would on the streets and are not made up as the “Clean cut image” of the beatles that was promoted at the time.


Howard Hughes

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My understanding is it was Paul that’d duck out of hotels in an actual disguise, such as in mustaches before any of them wore grew actual ones. I recall reading this in a Beatles biography or two, but all I get in 'net searches are freaky “slash” Beatle fan fiction… good lord. And I thought MY passtimes were odd!

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NPR had a story on this last week.

A story on “Garden Party”? Or a story on McCartney’s moustache? I did a quick search of the NPR website and found nada. Well, OK, a zillion references to Beatles in the last 30 days, but nothing about being disguised.