In search of a junkyard in the Austin, Texas area

I am looking for a source for scrap steel for blacksmithing and my main source quit selling scrap to the public. Does anyone know of a place?


I’d try Austin Iron and Metal, on East 4th.

CMC recycling, in the St. Elmo/Industrial Blvd area, might work as well, but I think that they’re more interested in actually recycling, not reselling. I could be wrong though.

Unfortunately, neither one of those sources sell scrap metal anymore. The closest place I have managed to locate is in Seguin.


Sorry. I assume that you want more than bits and pieces. I’m not sure where to go in Austin nowadays.

Have you tried Google Maps?

Austin, TX, then “Search nearby” for “scrap” or “junkyard”.

Let’s try MPSIMS, where you might get different people. Moved.

samclem Moderator, General Questions

There are some independent dudes around here who haul scrap away for free. If you put a sign on your truck or on telephone poles, you might get some bites.

I got rid of a gigantic gate from a trailer that flew off a truck and landed in my hedges this way.

Might post signs around farming communities. You never know…

Speaking of junk haulers, you might call Brandon at and ask him. He might know of a yard that resells, or he might be willing to keep your name until he comes across a load of steel.

Are you looking for anything specific? Would I be right to assume that you’re looking for random scraps of 1/8" to 14" mild steel, or do you want sheet metal, or…?