in search of a website that can turn 250 words into 500 for free

deos anyone know of a website that’s not on of those “buy a term paper” sites, but one that you can type your own work in and come out with something better/longer?

Um, exactly how would this work?

Like, turn “use” into “utilize”, “is” into “happens to be”, and “This essay is about history” into “This work will examine various socio-economic factors affecting the common masses in the early homonid timeline”?..

No idea. You can however submit your essay as dictated by Elmer Fudd. :smiley:

Input — >>
See Sally. See spot. See Spot run. See Sally chase Spot.
Output — >>
Consider, if you would, the person of Sally. Also contemplate her dog, Spot. Envision Spot bounding forth. And behold our heroine, Sally, gamely attempting to apprehend her canine friend.
I know you’re looking for free, but when you become desperate, give me a call and we’ll haggle.


If you post the 250 words here, I’m sure we can help.

Do your own homework.

What you need is a term paper expander set at 100%.

Since you don’t have that, go to google and type in a few key words. Then use what we call in the ed biz your “research key”, better known as copy and paste, to lift off several paragraphs of someelse’s wisdom to beef up the word count.

The use of such a website is not a good idea.

The utilize of such a website happens to be not a good idea.


Exactly what “Ed BiZ” are you in, aahala that plagerism is utilized so?

How I spent my summer vacation: I spent my summer vacation HOW?

Voila: 100%. Repeat as necessary.

i can’t do that copy+paste thing because this stupid paper happens to be a paper about the importance of intercessory prayer. i got into this course by accident based on the misleading information that it was a “psychology” course. i will have done 2/3 of the course when i finish this report (the course consists of 6 workbooks, six tests, and six 500 word essays which count as test grades based on six books by authors such as andrew murry and tim lahaye.) so, i think it’s too late to drop it. and the way the curriculum is set up, the teacher won’t accept a 250-word report and give me a 50 or lower for it. so, i’m thinking about just not doing anything for the rest of the year in this course if he won’t let me either take the 50 or drop out.

It’s 500 words, man. That fits on a page. Just skim the books and write the darn thing.

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Is this person REALLY going to be responsible for earning the income which will be taxed to pay my social security in a few years? Will he possibly be employed by the medical care field responsible for my health in later years?

Aye Carumba!

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500 words? I do that much writing a long post. Suck it up.

I dunno man. You’ve already written 191 words trying to find an extra 250. I’d cut your losses now and just write the durn thing. The course doesn’t sound that bad; I’ve written stuff twice as long for Computing Science for Ogs sake. (If anyone wants my opinion on engineering ethics as they relate to software development, I can certainly supply quantitative verbiage. ;))

leenmi, there’s only a short part of the book about intercession. this is one of those stupid courses that you have to read the books, but you also have to know and care about the subject in the first place.

NBIT33, i have the highest grades in my class. so far this year (before i failed that test in this same stupid course and before this paper), my grades were 100, 98, 97,97, and 96 (the 96 was in this course.) i can write if i’m interested in the subject, just not this one.

Yes, there’s nothing more a professor loves than meaningless padding. Because, after all, they never ever see it tried, so they’ll never recognize what you’re trying to do. This is a very good plan.

I suggest you proceed as follows:

Print this thread and hand it in as the assignment, with a Post-It Note on the front.

On the Post-It Note, write:
[sub]“Intercessionary Prayer: sometimes it’s quicker to do it yourself; sometimes God might want you to do it yourself; maybe these guys aren’t God; maybe this course has a psychological element after all; maybe I’ll print out the thread; hey that was good advice…”[/sub]

It’s funny, I used to worry about not having enough words in an assignment, and writing a single paragraph was so incredibly painful…fast forward 10 years, and now I have trouble staying below the MAXIMUM amount of words allowed.

Bob55: The same thing happened to me as I matriculated. Experience is a good thing. So is a brash confidence in your ability to write about anything, any time, and at length.

(I still had 0300 sessions with writer’s block and interminable blankness, but that’s something experience prepares you to accept.)