In the Belgian TV series Salamander ...

In the Belgian TV series *Salamander *(Perhaps it played on BBC4 too.) who is the actress who played the Senators wife?

IMDB has lists of actors in TV series but usually do not tell whom plays what roll except for a few stars perhaps. When you have questions about who is playing what roll in TV series where do you go first to look?

Perhaps it would have been better if I had asked only the second question.

I googled “salamander belgium senator”, which lead to this Australian network page (they look like they are currently showing it, and still have decent plot synopses online). The Senator seems to be called Rasenberg, and his wife from the IMDB cast list appears to be called Karen, making the actress Ann Ceurvels? Maybe. I’ve not seen the programme.

Thanks. Ann Ceurvelsis correct. Netflix is streaming Salamander in the US. It did occur to me I could go back,get the senators name, go to IMDB and get the actors name from there. I was thinking that perhaps there was an easier route to go from TV characters name to actors name. My OP was written in a distracting way. Thanks again.