In the dustbin of our cultural history

The situation I was speaking about was in the 1970s. At which time liberal / leftist talk shows could and did exist.

Today? Not a chance.

There used to be a liberal station in Sacramento, anchored by Christine Craft, whom I love, but it didn’t have the numbers of right wing radio and it folded.

We used to get Tarzan marathons with Johnny Weismuller.

My family’s very right-wing, so I thought I’d see what they were listening to. I’m not sure I’d ever used the AM band on my car radio before, but I turned on our local “talk radio” station.

I almost immediately yelled (to no one except some random pedestrians): “Ahhhh! I can feel my IQ level slipping! I can’t keep it up!”

I had to switch back after less than two minutes. I swear I’m still a bit shell-shocked from that…

Maybe that is what I was poorly remembering.

Were they related to the book store literally named A Clean Well Lighted Place for Books? They had a few locations, Cupertino, San Francisco. Gone now, of course. So many bookstores, especially around Palo Alto where I worked in the late 90s. It looks like only Kepler’s has figured out a way to make it work today, and they had to turn themselves half into a non-profit.

I could get the NYC kid shows: Wonderama, Sandy Becker, and Chuck McAnn on weekends and Officer Joe Bolton (and the Three Stooges) after school.

There also were the Connecticut hosts. Pinky Lee was there for awhile, but I remember Colonel Clown (promoted from Captain due to trademark issues) out of New Britain.

… and his houndsthtoofth cap!

A friend and I always did his voice at work to drive others crazy. And we always triggered our inanity by one of us mentioning a houndstooth cap with Pinky’s odd “spittle lisp”.

No, but they both liked the name.

Recycle was 90% used books.

When I visited relatives in Connecticut around 1973, there was a show where helpful kids could be named “Citizens of Happytown” (complete with a certificate that I still have, thank you very much). Ring a bell?

I finished sixth grade in 1978 (to give you an idea of when I was a child) and we used to see international movies on a Saturday morning show hosted by Kukla, Fran and Ollie. Apparently, this was the CBS Children’s Film Festival. Of course there were also the Schoolhouse Rock! shorts and cheesy animated shows.

That’s one hell of a rerun! I remember K,F’n’O back in the mid-50s, and that was at the end of their ten year run!

… Yep, your link says '47-'57. Oh, and they were indeed back to host those movies in the late 60s.

KTVT, no doubt. I am a big Icky Twerp fan.

Slam Bang Theater, maybe?

We had one of those in our house until the kitchen was remodeled. I used to slip through it to get in if the door was locked (which wasn’t often). I also used them to get into my friends’ houses.

My parents, now in their 90s, had their saturday bridge group which I loved as a kid when they hosted because I’d be banished to the basement tv room with a plate of whatever snacks mom made.

When my mom was lamenting that I had no such social group, I pointed out that I have weekly Dungeons & Dragons games with my friends (and their kids).

Interesting observation and brings up the question of why national bridge membership is declining and having trouble attracting the younger cohorts. Maybe grist for another thread, however.

And his daughter was the actress Rebecca de Mornay.

Argh. Knew I shoulda read the rest of the thread.

I never learned to play bridge because I saw no utility in a card game that leads to sudden violence.

“He bid seven, no trump and that’s when I shot him, your honor.”