In the event of a draft

OK, my generation really hasn’t had much to deal with a draft, but my previous question got me to thinking. In the event that there is a draft, how do they decide which branch of service people are put into? Is it just where ever they are needed?

Well, if you’re from a wealthy/privileged family, you have strings pulled and you get put in the coast guard, the national guard, a desk job, or something like that.

In Vietnam, it looks like they went where they were needed. Which happened to be the Army.


Also, if you look at this page:, you can see that there were zero casualties among the draftees to the Navy and Air Force during Vietnam. And since there were quite a few casualties among the volunteers in those services, that implies they had virtually no draftees period.

Well, it pretty much says virtually all draftees went into the Army during Vietnam:

Actually I am surprised that the Marines took any draftees - I had supposed they were all volunteer.

Draftees were unnecessary for the Army and Air Force, because the threat of being drafted into the Army induced many people to volunteer for the safer branches. Also if you volunteered for the Army, you might have some option to chose a relatively safe specialty. During Vietnam, many people opted to volunteer even though the enlistment was for three years rather than two, just in order to have more control over their fate.