In the film "Milk Money" what crimes is Melanie Griffith committing?

Often labeled as one of the worst films of all time due to its premise alone, Milk Money is a 1994 family romantic comedy film where three 11 year old boys from Ohio decide to go to the big city of Pittsburgh where they want to pay a prostitute $100 (the titular milk money) to show them her breasts.

So in this scenario, what crimes is Melanie Griffith (the aforementioned prostitute) commiting by agreeing to show off her breasts to the 3 children, or is it a wash since it’s illegal activity on both sides?

Well I think at least one crime would be contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

I dunno, it has a 6.5 rating on the IMDb, can’t be that bad. Is it illegal for someone to pay you to show them your titties? Dennis

I don’t think when crimes are committed “on both sides,” the authorities consider it “a wash.”

And I agree with pool - contributing to the delinquency of a minor, perhaps indecent exposure.

Oops, 5.6 - still not bad.

wasn’t the rest of the film "she talks them out of it so the main kid hires her to hook up with his dad and wacky relationship comedy (allegedly )happens ?

It’s Wikipedia article has an entire subsection on how many “Worst movies” lists it was on including Roger Ebert’s.

No she very clearly shows the kids her boobs. But then yes the kids decide to bring her home and pretend she’s their tutor leading to all sorts of wacky hijinks with them trying to hook her up with Ed Harris.

Ebert’s review of Milk Money almost sounds like a precursor to Ryan George’s Pitch Meeting videos.

Ebert’s review

Pitch meeting for a random movie

P.S. What happens in the movie may count as prostitution, or public indecency (if a strip club is illegal in a certain area, taking off part of your clothes for money probably counts as the same thing).

In Pennsylvania, indecent exposure requires exposing the genitals, exposing the breasts (male or female) does not qualify for the crime, so it wouldn’t be indecent exposure. The Corruption of Minors charge appears to require actual sexual activity or ‘indecent exposure’, both of which involve genitals and not just breasts. It’s possible that it would fall under the general “by any act corrupts or tends to corrupt the morals…” part of corruption of minors, but I’m not sure how broadly that one is interpreted by the courts. It seems to be the most likely charge to stick though.