In the movie "Dirty Harry," what caliber rifle does Harry use against the sniper?

All I can remember is that the nutty sniper, Scorpio, is shooting innocent people from roof tops. And that’s when Harry grabs a big rifle and takes on the role of a countersniper. When Harry brandishes the rifle, his police department supervisor is aghast.

Anybody remember the caliber? Also, other than playing up the Dirty Harry angle, what’s the special need for a high-caliber rifle?

It was either a 375 magnum or 458 magnum. The reason his boss was horrified, is because the 375 and 458 are elephant guns. Gross gross overkill.

I’d have to agree. A .30-30 or .30-06 would both do the job quite nicely, and are much easier to find.

He was definitely in San Francisco, then. :smiley:

How else could he blow the sniper’s head clean off?