In the past 2 weeks...

  • Lemmy, 70, English rock musician.
  • Natalie Cole, 65, American Grammy-winning singer.
  • Paul Bley, 83, Canadian jazz pianist.
  • Pierre Boulez, 90, French composer and conductor.
  • David Bowie, 69, British singer-songwriter, record producer and actor.

And for those of you who know a bit about French culture:

  • Michel Delpech, 69, French singer-songwriter.
  • Michel Galabru, 93, French comedy actor.

All of them, major (some even legendary) artists in their field…

My friend also informed me of this. I feel that he was implying some pattern or conspiracy by some unseen mystical hand. He was a fan of three of them, so he took it personally like someone is killing off his favorite people. With Bowie, he cried, “I THOUGHT WE WERE SUPPOSED TO LIVE LONGER?”

Do you have a reaction like that, too?

I think it is immature to see patterns in celebrity deaths.

No CT from me, don’t worry. It’s just that I don’t remember such a string of high profile artists going in such quick succession.