In the Snow of Frozen Rl'yeh, Dread Cthulhu sits Freezing.

On my way in to work this morning I saw a snow woman. I know she was a snow woman because she had a necklace and snowboobs.

This got me to thinking about other Snowcreatures – Snow Bulls, Snow Sea Serpents — yup. People had built them.

What about Snow Cthulhus? It turns out there are pictures of a disturbing number of these online. More than the cutesy Bulls and Sea Serpents
(Irrelevant note – this year I made a Chia Cthulhu package for some friends for Christmas, with a bust of Chulhu and three packages of Chia seeds inside)

Snow Cthulhus makes sense (cite: At the Mountains of Madness).

You can wear one of these while you’re making your snow Cthulhu.

<obnoxious pedant voice>Um, I think Cthulhu came to Earth after the Elder Things, and in any case Antarctica wasn’t cold then. Also, it seems obvious to me that Cthulhu would not like the snow because he is so wet and squishy.</obnoxious pedant voice>

I love how many paintings of Ithaqua show up in CalMeacham’s “snow cthulhu” image search. Ithaqua’s one of those loser entities in the Mythos, IMHO. (Of course, almost all of them are loser entities.)

OT: did anyone read Alan Moore’s Providence? Thoughts? I could start a thread, I guess. Along with Neonomicon, it’s the ass-kicking-est Lovecraft pastiche I’ve read.

An image of a reclining snowman (actually a bunch of snow that had simply fallen on one of those reclining pool chairs with decorations added) has been making the rounds on Facebook. Somebody more creative could’ve gave definition to the “legs” and made a snow Gumby.

Looks more like John Zoidberg.

I think some of those are actually snowillithids-- No wings.

I think it was Zoidberg who once said

Cthulhu probably doesn’t go to the bank much.

At about :30 on this video there is another Cthulhu ski mask, and following it a Cthulhu pastry topping for a pie or cobbler.

I must say the arrangement of this music, by the Dagon Tabernacle Choir, is pretty good.

I want a snow creature. It never snows here. Where’s global warming when I need it?:frowning:


I once made a Dalek out of snow. I could see cars in the streets slow down as they tried to figure out what it was. I also made a snow goon from Calvin and Hobbes. Kids liked that one. And to top it off I made a guy laying on a lawn chair, wearing shades and with an empty beer can in his hand.

I made a Snow Dalek for Valentine’s Day a couple of years ago, and put a “Happy Valentine’s day” sign on its “arms” so Pepper Mil could se it when she opened the door.

I think I posted pictures of it, but I couldn’t find it with a quick search.