In the spirit of Halloween - The Dyatlov Pass Incident

As Halloween, one of my favorite holidays, is fast approaching, and as I won’t be able to celebrate in the proper style (or at all, really), I decided to make myself feel better by starting a thread about one of my favorite real-life creepy stories, The Dyatlov PassIncident.

I realize that the most obvious explanation is probably the true one, that these people simply found themselves victims of hypothermia and exposure, but still, there’s enought mysterious details to the story to give me a thrill. Evidence of traumatic death ? Radioactivity in the clothing? A missing tounge!? Creepy!


Interesting. I suspect Vodka was a contributing factor.

This is really intriguing. The Wikipedia article suggests the victims were blinded, which explains their disorganized behavior.

What I want to know is, why radioactivity on the clothes? What about the victims themselves? Did they show any signs of radioactive poisoning?

I’m thinking this had to do with a military testing accident, but it’s so odd that there were no signs of an explosion. And the orange spheres… bizarre.

Radioactive vodka, maybe? But actually, probably not a bad guess.

Cracked has a good list of “creepy-sounding stuff with perfectly normal explanations” - evidently the radiation was in none of the reports made at the time.

Should we give Shaggy and Scooby a ring?

Is that the same Ekaterinburg where the Nicholas II and his family were killed?

They P O ed the wrong people?

Could you point me toward the website with that info? I’m quite intersted in this incident, obviously, but I’ve not been able to find a site that either had or reliably referenced the original reports.

Well, it’s a humor site, but generally it has its head screwed on in the right direction. I didn’t look at any links, but there might be something worthwhile in them, or you could always e-mail the author and ask.