in the spirit of valentine's day -- Love Advice

What follows is a sampling of advice on love, sex and relationships given to me by friends and family. I won’t name names…

Love is when you’ll pop the pimples on his back. (26-year-old cousin, female)

If your boyfriend really loves you, he’ll do this for you. (while helping me dye my hair) (Mom)

You know it’s love when you start finding other people’s hair in all your brushes, and you don’t mind. (17 year old friend, female)

Don’t have sex while listening to really aggressive heavy metal, or the guy will get too into the rhythm and it’ll hurt. (15 year old friend, female)

When you’re giving a guy a blow-job, just remember one thing: a penis is not a straw, and you’re not blowing bubbles. (16 year old friend, male)

So he GAVE her his PIT PASS?? That’s true love, right there. Gotta be. (22 year old cousin, male)

Don’t kick your boyfriend in the crotch. (13 year old friend, male)

That’s exceedingly odd…does she know this from experience?

Remember that one, dear.
Happy Valentine’s Day, racinchikki. I love you. :slight_smile:

Well, so she claims.

I’d like to amend one of them: