In the US what financial incentives are there, if any, for hospitals to report covid deaths & illnesses?

Are there any incentives, either at the federal of the state levels?

Factcheck, back in April, said that Medicare paid more for COVID patients, but there was no evidence of fraud:

I don’t know if it’s still the case – I couldn’t find any articles past around the April time period.

There are penalties, both at the state and federal levels.

Apart from being disbarred / de-funded, (both of which take years to finalize) I don’t know what the penalties are. Those penalties are sufficient to get everybody to co-operate, but not always in a timely manner.

The recent change to reporting requirements required a matching change to hospital procedures and software. Not everybody got there on time, and, in the nature of things, you would expect there to still be errors.

Since it is a reportable illness, there is a positive obligation to report known cases. Presumably, non-compliance carries penalties. Of course, one needs to test to report.

Thanks for that. I haven’t found more current articles yet.

Obligation is one thing, while incentivizing is another.