In theory, this should work, right?

I have been entertaining planting corn for next summer, so as not to eat but heat my house come winter.

If I dry it properly ( Step 2’s details are a bit hazy now. Try again later.) I should be able to store it in my barn and then toss corn ( husk or no husk, I dunno) into the fire to start to keep the fire going.


Any thoughts on this from any other tightwads out there.

never heard of doing this, but…

Alternatively, sell the corn, buy coal.

Use corn to make moonshine, stay warm internally.

Well, I would prefer to not damage my liver. ( and I stay away from those clear home made alki-hols.) :slight_smile:

I’ve just been reading a memoir of growing up in Iowa in the 30’s, and she says that when it was too wet and cold out to gather kindling, they used dried corncobs soaked in kerosene as kindling. Yeah, I bet that worked pretty well!

So: eat the corn, save the cobs, use them. You don’t need the kernels and husk to do a fine job as fuel.

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is.

Is this sweet corn, or feed corn?


This post might provide a little information, or maybe not.

I’ve heard and read about corn furnaces, but they ran on dried kernels, not the whole ear. They’re automatic, like a gas or oil furnace. The owner has to fill the outside bin every few days.

I brought up corn furnaces while talking to my furnace guy once. I asked him what he thought of them. He said he came from a family where most of them are still farmers. None of them switched to corn heating.

There are actually quite a few people out here that are using pellet stoves and that is where I got the idea.
I am thinking corn by the big ass bag that is used for feed. EI the cheap stuff.

Just make sure this doesn’t happen.

I’ve tossed a few into the woodstove and they don’t burn very well or completely, unless the fire is very hot for a very long time (like, as long as it takes a beer bottle to melt).

I’d eat it instead. Or use it as ass-wipe in the absence of a goose’s neck. :wink: