In what US states do alligators live?

Do alligators live in any US states besides Florida?

Yes: Alabama, Arkansas, North & South Carolina, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas


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In fact, the scientific name of the American alligator reflects its presence in another state: Alligator mississippiensis.

I guess the one found in an Oregon yard a couple weeks ago doesn’t count…

… New York…


I’ve looked at the maps. Where would I be likely to see an alligator in the wild close to Dallas, TX?

AMERICAN ALLIGATOR: This magnificent alligator was found on a private lake in South Dallas County several years ago. The caretaker shot it because its size presented a threat to other animals and pets on the property. He then called Texas Parks and Wildlife officials, who offered it to the Museum for exhibit. Since the Museum had an endangered species salvage license, the animal was taken to use for display. The taxidermy work was done by a professional taxidermy firm in Daltas, and the alligator is now the highlight of the Texas Wetlands Hall. Our specimen is an 11 feet, 9 inch long male. It weighed around 600 pounds at the time of its death.

Dallas Museum of Natural History

Albino ones in the sewers, right? :slight_smile:

No, they are brown , or green, or, a combination of ‘alligator colors’.
Tossed into toilets by well meaning people, who felt that the souvenir they brought back from Florida, was getting too big to keep in a tiny apartment. They wander aimlessly, and hungry, through the myriad tunnels on the sewer system.
I’ve SEEN them!

…I think…
:eek: :smiley:

When I was a little kid, I used to go skinny dipping in a certain little swampy lake in Oklahoma. No one ever said anything about any goddamn alligators!

It’s pretty common to see them around here, basking in the sun. We’ve even seen one medium sized one (about six feet), crossing the road in a suburban neighborhood. Come visit and I’ll find one for you.

So what the heLL happened to FLORIDA?
[sub]**P.S. North Carolina would only have them in the southeastern most part of the state. As to Oklahoma, all I can say is CITE![/sub]

We’ve seen them in Lake Fork, about 80 miles East of the metroplex.

Colibri read the OP. Give it a try.

Ha! Big Arkie dressed out… er, measured 13’-0".

As ftg says, read the OP.

What’s your point?

Well, you could have tried checking Tamerlane’s link, or you can try this one; or you could have spent a few seconds googling instead of doing all that fancy yet pointless coding.

For the Oklahoma doubters:

As noted in the photo caption above, they’re not common, but they do occur.

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The range map in my Audubon guide shows gator territory just barely nipping into the southeast corner of the state. Of course the odd individual might occasionally wander farther afield.