In which a certain shop owner is reviled.

Add me to the group that thinks that “the board” is in constant need of someone to take shots at. Woe to he who happens to be in their crosshairs. Luckily, the attention span of “the board” is not that long and soon enough, our SBSO will be forgotten and someone else will be getting kicked around.

Maybe he’s cranky because he comes from Small Britain and he’s tired of it always being negatively compared to Great Britain.

“Beyond the pail”

A reference to a saying by Wisconsin Jews; in the Dairy Barns of the Ultra Orthodox Schmaltz sect, a squirt of milk from the cow teat that misses the bucket, or is literally “beyond the pail” is on no use and is indeed a waste.


And when he’s with the boot-black rogering the fishwife in the crumpetshop.

I’ve read many of his posts, and the worst I can say a couple are of the ‘post everthing that comes to mind’ variety, but nothing excessive or offensive.

Slight hijack, but this makes me think of something I’ve wondered about ever since I learned the meaning of the British slang “to roger.” I knew an Englishman named Roger; why would British parents name anyone Roger considering what the slang means???


ETA: For a shop owner, I think he’s damaging the British tourism industry.

Well, if you read a little further, it was a joke, y’know. Not a particularly *good *one, I’ll grant you. It does look awfully troll-y at first glance, but not when you read the explanation in post 14

I didn’t thik it was trolling. I thought it was brilliant!

Same reason other english speakers name their kids “Dick”.

ETA: BBS simulpost, heh.

Yes, that was pretty funny.

And name their kids “John.” Which actually has TWO unflattering meanings.

There are several Peter Johnsons in Hollywood. I snicker silently every time I see the name in the credits.

They don’t name them “Dick” they name them “Richard”

The sprogs have to earn the title of “Dick”…most find it quite easy

I only pray he gets his keyboard fixed soon. Anyone know what the hourly rate on keyboard repair is these days, in pounds sterling?

Guest jumping in here - please don’t take away a guest’s ability to start a thread. Some of us come in here all polite and sweet and just spend some time looking around, occasionally posting a reply, being respectful to the board. I promise not to get obnoxious until I pay my monies.

But yeah, that tiny British shop proprietor has been all over the ‘effin place. I think we signed up around the same time, and he’s freakin’ everywhere, posting on every topic (not unlike another recent user with a very unoriginal name). First of all - it’s not possible that you have a relevant opinion on every thing posted here, and even if you think you do - can’t you just shut up?

I’ve been lurking about the SDMB for a few years now, and I have a certain respect for the community. Not to be an ass-kiss, but I feel I need to earn my place here, not just bust in, broken keyboard a-blazing, and stick my nose into every nook I see.

Just my two cents.

Yeah, I don’t think that’s a good idea, either. I mean, many people find their way to the SDMB by posting a thread commenting on one of Cecil’s columns. I’m pretty sure that’s how I started off, but it’s been so damned long that I can’t remember for sure.

Now, limiting the number of threads or posts-per-day (100?! Come on!) wouldn’t be a particularly bad idea.

I am in awe of anyone who can post 100 posts in a day.

Think about that for a minute. Let it sink in.

I am in awe of a post frequency that high.


Nearly my whole family is out of town. My ass has been in this chair for nearly the last 24 hours, with one trip to the store and one hour of Derren Brown. I’m vomiting text from my fingertips, and I still managed only about 50 posts, which I’m sure is more than any other day for me. And now I’m really going to bed.


My problem with SBSO is that he seems not to think before he posts. For example, we all know that GQ is for facutal questions and factual answers. In the GQ thread about reporting tax fraud, he throws out two posts which are judgements of other poster’s positions.

Not good form, old chap.

I think that in time SBSO will make a welcome addition to the SDMB. But honestly, he makes me cringe sometimes with his ham-handedness.


I like the optimism. Does anyone remember what it was like last February? Or as I like to call it, the Coming of Autolycus! That’s when he first jumped on board and started posting like mad. A lot of funny stuff, but also more than his share of really stupid things. Dumb rants, and OP so mindless and pointless that they didn’t even survive being locked up in MPSIMS. It never got so bad that he was Pitted, though he did start two Pits which sort of turned on him.

Now he’s settled down a bit more. Still silly and sometimes tells us more than we want to know, but I now see him as good contributer and resource on Japanese language and culture.

Maybe there’s hope for our SBSO. Sure he’s much more abrasive right now, but with time he *might * be able to smooth out. Maybe once he gets to know how great we are he’ll play nicer, and not post a bazillion times a day.