In which I disjointedly ramble about my life.

It’s almost two in the morning. I should do my homework. I really, really don’t want to. Somehow I just can’t bring myself to care about the metaphysic occult tradition.

Skipped biology today. 200 people in the class, and he notices my absence. Got a C+ on the midterm. The high school kid in me is reeling. The rest of me knows that it’s a solid enough mark, considering that I’m not any good at bio.

There are some Dopers I need to thank. Sassy, the card was wonderful and touching. Palmyra, the Altoids have long since been consumed and they made my day utterly. Thank you both. Shirley Ujest, I’m taking Underbear with me tomorrow to Montreal, where I am placing it in Matt’s keeping.

There’s something surreal about taking a picture of a stuffed bear outside of a fraternity.

I found out with my exam schedule, I might be able to be home for quietgirl’s 18th birthday. This is a wonderful thing. I miss her so bad right now I can hardly stand it.

The other day someone told me that they didn’t think gay rights were important and I got so angry later I started crying about it. Sometimes I wish that there was a way I could convince people of those things so evident to me.

I am out of Altoids. Again.

I am on a quest to get in shape. My friend Tory is dragging my ass to the gym several times a week now. I hope to eventually lose between 20-30 pounds. Enough is enough. Parts of my life are unhealthy, and I want to change that.

Insomnia is unhealthy. I wonder if I can change that. Probably not.

I wonder how often things really do change.


p.s. you are most welcome :slight_smile:

I’ve always been a fan of disjointed rambling - hope you don’t mind if I join in.

I actually attended all of my classes today - this is the first Thursday for a long time that I’ve done that, and it made me realize why that’s so. Still, you can only skip so many circuits classes before it has some effect…

I’m very happy for you about the exam schedule (not to mention vaguely envious). You have my prayers that the time before then passes well and quickly, for what the prayers of a failing Christian are worth…

Things change. They also revert. There are a lot of cycles like that. I need to keep away from Ecclesiastes for a while.

I hate it when people get mad at me when I’ve done nothing wrong - that is one thing that still angers me. Probably something about an upset sense of justice… or maybe I’m as insane as I tend to suspect. Either way, though, it isn’t pleasant.

If you beat insomnia, tell me how - I’m losing that fight, too.

My next post will be happy. I promise.

You know what else also happened today?

I went to get my mail, and I had a package from my mom. It was a box that has a ream of paper in it. It contained- and I am not making this up- the largest stuffed animal frog in my life. He’s very soft and fuzzy and he has a tie with ladybugs on it. I love my froggie.

I’ve named him Mortimer.

I realize that there are points in time when one must step back and say, “That is a very large frog.”

Go . . . Mortimer! :wink:

I feel like sharing too :slight_smile:

I’m so pissed off at myself. Two days in a row (well for tuesdays and thursdays) i’ve overslept for my 10 am class. I made up a story for my professor for tuesday, but i told him i’d be in class today. I dont know what happened, i suspect that my alarm clock isnt working :(. sigh I feel so bad about it too (it’s just two days, but still). Normally, if i had woken up just half an hour after it started i would have gotten to class, but i woke at 11:15, and class ends at 12. It would have been over by the time i got there. Otherwise a pretty mundane day.

Lan’ sakes, chile. Well, we’ll certainly have a lot to talk about this evening, won’t we?


Things do change…there’s just no telling when. Hang in there.

Altoids?? You want altoids?? I have such a deal for you. I have one of those big-assed tins of altoids that my friend got me as a gag gift. (I’d rather not explain- it wasn’t for halitosis, though). I don’t like 'em! They burn my mouth! Ah, the agony!

I’d be more then happy to ship them off to you. E-mail me your address if you want 'em. I swear, I think it’s actually a full pound of altoids.


I, too, have been missing more than my fair share of classes, though I was sick for about a week and a half and there was no school yesterday.

{andygirl}. I agree with you on the frog bit; sometimes you have to step back and acknowledge the . . . well, strange but true:)

I trust Tory will know how to help you lose 20-30 lbs most effectively, so I’m not going to go into a mini-trainer-wannabe discussion on what you want to do. Especially since your knees and I are not acquainted, nor do I wish to become acquainted with them:)


I love you with a passion unbeknownst to mankind.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. :smiley:



Matt’s username may love you with a passion unbeknowst to mankind, but damn it, I’m the one getting the Altoids here.

(I’m on his computer and forgot to switch.)

Still with utter adoration,


I’ve seen that problem before…

But never from two gay posters…

Of opposite sexes!

Don’t mean to pick on you.

But you’ve gotta admit that that is pretty incongruous!

Love ya both (and Hamish and QGDTH too!)

You are most welcome - I am glad the card found you at a useful time. I have to say that perspective is a good thing, even if it is a large frog.

(Sassy wanders off, wondering who else could use a frog…)

Definitely sig material!

“I realize that there are points in time when one must step back and say, ‘That is a very large frog.’” - andygirl

Thank you, Cajun Man. I think. :wink:

Dollface, I feel your pain. After studying for four days straight, and nearly giving myself an ulser on my Biopsych exam, I got a C. Not even a C+. Just a C. I was furious. I suspect I just rushed through the exam, because I was too nervous. As dumb as it sounds, I do horribly on multiple choice exams, and this is what it was. Too many options. Give me an essay any day. The REALLY annoying thing is that I know the material backwards and front. The professor will ask questions in class during his lecture to keep you awake. This is in a class of 80 people. I always get them right. Feh.

I came VERY close to skipping my ab psych last week, which would have been bad. It’s a once-a-week three hour deal, but it’s Wednesday nights. And for some reason, Wednesdays are just the hardest days. But I knew she would be handing out the take-home exam, and I needed to get that. So I went. And stayed the whole class. I had gone as far as to plan a whole excuse, saying my parents were gone and I needed to get home for my little sister. So chalk one up to willpower. And it helped that she let us out 45 min early.

I can’t sleep either.

If it helps at all, I was in Cosco the other day, and they were selling like 12 tins of Altoids in one giant pack, and I thought of you. While I am too dirty po’ (can’t afford the 'or) to send it as a spontaious gift, when you’re low, let me know. Hell, I shelled out my $30 for a Cosco membership, someone else might as well get some joy out of it, too. I hope Montreal was fun.

Off to call my mom to ask for a giant frog.

Montreal turned out to be just what I needed. Good company, homework I didn’t have to worry about, dancing, and a drag show in French. It’s nice to get out of Hanover once and awhile.

It helped that Matt was quite the wonderful, gracious host. You were greatly missed, Brooke.

I’m actually in a wonderful mood right now. I found out that there’s going to be girl/girl smoochies on my favorite TV show, and I get to be home for quietgirl’s birthday. :smiley:


No way! They finally are going to let Tara and Willow kiss? TOLDJA!

I’m glad I could help out in even a small way. I really did have a great time Sat. night.

And whenever I see an Altoid box I will think of you.