In which I share some memories that I'm not so proud of.(Long)

I did so many idiotic things when I was in highschool, that my wife often tells people that I am lucky to be alive. I figured that it might be a good idea to get a few of them off my chest. I think the statute of limitations is up on most of this stuff. I want to state at the outset that I was never under the influence of alcohol or drugs during these activities.

I once drove one of my buddies cars through 7 straight stop signs in town going about 60 mph. He never let me drive again for some reason.

I held on the back of my friend’s car as he drove down the ice covered road. Not a problem unless he started going to fast, or stopped.

I jumped out of a moving vehicle. This required some medical attention.

I robbed a store with a friend. Never got caught. We stole beer and beef jerky, no money.

I vandalized an old WWII plane that sits in front of the local VFW. One of my friends was 6’8" tall, just tall enough for me to reach the tail of the plane from his shoulders. Also vandalized our own school building.

My friends and I rolled huge bails of hay out onto the middle of the road at night. These things would basically cover the entire road, and would be almost impossible for a single person to move.

I set some people’s trash cans on fire, including our school superintendent. He had one of those big plastic suckers that had wheels. Also set a field on fire.

I stole countless signs and flags from golf courses, and off the side of the roads. Also tore down many RR signs.

We used to take all the election signs when they were out, and put them in one persons yard. (this one is pretty funny).

I know that I probably caused a lot of damage that cost people money, and possibly even harmed someone. I know that I could never know who those people are, but I want to let somebody know that I am sorry for what I did. I really felt like I needed to get these things of my conscience.

teenage boys!!! arggh!

Robbed a store as in shoplifted, or more obviously pointed a slim jim through the pocket at the gas station attendant?


Dude, you’re average. I did all kinds of stuff like that for which I’m surely going to hell.

That’s fairly much the same as what I got up to, too.

I’m 29 and still go bumper skiing at every appropriate occasion.

Hey, I’m a girl and I did most of that stuff, too (a long time ago)… well, we did leave a car parked in a sandtrap… . and won a free trip to the local rinky-dink police station for it… they got us McDonalds for breakfast… man those golfers get up early on Sundays…memories…

I feel much better about myself now, knowing that there are others out there. By the way, I wasn’t bragging here.

GaTechJoe–This was after hours activity, not shoplifting.

I gotta admit, the mental picture of huge hayrolls in the middle of the road made me smile.

I’m a teenaged boy trapped in a middle-aged woman’s body.

Yeah, the hayrolls cracked me up, too.

Hell, some of that stuff is the sort of memories some people CHERISH.

I expected to hear you raped and killed your best friend’s wife, or something…

i never did anything like that. living in the middle of nowhere and having no friends during your early teenage years kinda stops you from doing that…

but the election signs all on one lawn. damn, that just really makes me smile :smiley: