In which IB crosses the line into crotchety

Don’t you remember when your dollar went further?

You bought 16 oz of Coffee, not 12oz

You bought 16 oz of Hillshire farm’s kielbasa (not 14)

Your ‘personal sized’ bag of chips was bigger than 1 oz.

My box of Kraft Mac n Cheese is 5.5 oz! WTF? pasta is cheap.

My Starbucks cup of plain black coffee is now $2.00

Okay, I get it, it was a way for the manufacturers to keep the price the same and stay in business, but how many of you REALLY think they’ll bump back up again?

It happens occasionally, like with soda. The standard serving of soda has gone up significantly from the early 80s, when 12 ounce cans were the norm and a very large drink was 32 ounces. I’m not sure if they still have the super-duper-mega gulps like they did when I stopped drinking fountain soda but the standard in pre-packaged soda is 16 to 20 ounce bottles.

But 99% of the cost of soda isn’t in the actual product being packaged. IIRC, when I was working at Pizza Hut in the mid 80’s, a glass of Soda was about $0.06

It drives me nuts in the grocery store, because often recipes are designed around a certain packaging size. Grr.

Who’s IB?

Irritable Bowel.

Me…with fingers that predate Coffee Intake.

Oh – I thought that when you were being crotchety you morphed into his Evil Twin, Intentionally Blank

I LIKE this, and must alter my behavior appropriately.

I noticed something like this at Safeway just yesterday - I was looking at the little sesame snaps snacks, and they come three wafers to a pack now - they used to come four to a pack. I also looked at the “per 100 gram” price on chocolate “thins” bars - almost twice the per 100 g price of normal-sized chocolate bars. That might not be relevant to this discussion, but I wanted to share it. :slight_smile:

You jogged lose a memory: Girl Scout Cookies, Samoas specifically. They seem to be dropping a cookie a year. I expect by the time my Boyscouts are old enough to have girlscouts, there’ll be 4 samoas a box, and they’ll cost $7.

Maybe losing your memory as you get older is God’s way of trying to reduce your blood pressure. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like it. When I buy a bag of chips with my lunch, I appreciate actually having a serving’s worth and not several servings that I am either going to mindlessly munch, throw away, or lug around all day.

It’s not the single serving things that bug me…it’s not getting a week out of a bag of coffee. It used to be a (judge me not) batch of Hamburger Helper would feed the family, and I’d have enough to take a serving for lunch the next day.

Cat Whisperer: That would be great, only Microsoft seems to be more than making up for it in the Blood Pressure raising arena.