In which Superdude decides to move out of state

That’s it, folks…I’m done. I’ve lived in Kentucky and Indiana my whole life, all 30 years of it, and I hate it. With a passion. Like most people hate Hitler, only more often.

So I’ve decided to move.

Here’s the problem, though…with the amount of money I have saved, I can essentially go to any city here stateside to start my life anew. However, the travelling will pretty much wipe out my finances in doing so.

Anyone willing (or know someone willing) to be up the ol’ Superdude and his amazing Wonder Cat until I find my own place? I’m willing to pay rent and stuff.

I’m serious about this. Hell, if I can get something hammered out quickly, I’m looking to leave this week.

If I had the space (although I dont think you’d be up to moving to Alaska anyhoo)

Sorry superdude…

Everything OK, Superdude? I recall your eviction thread. Hope you’re not in any legal trouble.

Best if luck.

Sorry, I just helped Funky Space Cowboy get a place down here and I’m still showing him around as a matter of fact. I’d be happy to show you around and help you run errands if you wanted to move here, but I don’t have any digs for you to stay at.

What’s wrong with Kentucky? Is it the incompetent government, the positively psychotic weather patterns (it went from 70 degrees to 26 in a 24 hour period!), or the seemingly inescapable spread of general ignorance and inability to accomplish even the simplest tasks?

Yeah, it’s probably all those.

Good luck finding somewhere to stay. I would help out, but look at the location.

Well, I’ve got an open couch, but I don’t think that you’d want to live here.

Thanks for the concern, Coldfire. I’m not in any legal trouble. Just trying to figure out my next move.

Well dude I have a spare room here in the DC area but it’s full of crap right now. I’m not sure if you’d want to live around here anyway. Oh and I don’t have any net access at home either.

Well, if I had an extra bedroom I’d invite you down here. Florida is real nice for starting over. Did it three years ago and have never regretted it. Good luck!

I’ve always wanted to live in Albequerque. I’m told it’s beautiful. It would certainly be an entirely different landscape than IN or KY.

I have an unclaimed futon that’s yours if you want it, but no closet/storage space whatsoever.

Alas, it wouldn’t work out anyways…My sister is allergic to cats.

Good luck!