In which Winston says "Hello!"

I’ve been reading through some old threads and was astonished to see that it’s been over two years since I started a thread here at the good ol’ SDMB.

Anyways, I just wanted to say hello. So. Er.


Winston! What up, yo?

Nice to see you. I’ve recently come back here myself. It’s amazing how much more time I’m wasting online now that I have a portable computer, but it’s actually really efficient, since I can watch TV at the same time, combining my time-wasting activities!

Hello, Winston.


Same, same. Maybe I’ll see you at a DopeFest soon? Later this summer, perhaps?

Glad you’re back! I thought Big Brother had gotten you.

Howdy Winston!

I envy your mad multi-taskin’ time wastin’ skillz!

Yeah, I think FaceBook, NetFlix, and other iPhone Apps sort of encroached into the ‘space’ that used to be filled almost exclusively, by the SDMB.

Hi, CW! :slight_smile:

Howdy to you, too, partner!

Yeah, it’s been a while. Didn’t realize how long!

Hi, Swampy. How’s the MMP crowd treating you these days?

We were just talking about that yesterday. If we start planning now…

…late summer will pass us by.

They seem to finally understand the importance of stockpiling tp. However, I still suspect they’re still putting their feet on the furniture when I’m not around. Heathens!

::moves feet, looks guilty::

Hello, Mr. Smith! Good to have you around.

Too bad we can’t have a DopeFest in the southeast part of the USA.
I suppose there aren’t many of ‘us’ out here.

Don’t you mean “double plus good”?