In Windows, getting the list of files found as text?

Win2K, to be exact. When I do a search for a particular type of file, say *.html, I get a list of all the files that match my search. I want to use this list of files as text:


How can I do that?

Well, you could possibly do this in the command prompt (not too sure if you HAVE a command prompt, but you can try it anyway)

dir *.html >> list.txt

which will output the contents of the dir into the text file. Of course, you will have to do some editing after that, but I can’t think of any other method off hand that doesn’t require programming. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re gonna need a console-window/DOS-prompt

The command is:

*DIR .html

And redirect the output to a file:

*DIR .html > FileList.txt

And open the .txt file in the editor of your choice. If you type DIR /? it’ll tell you what the listing options are.

If you want to search the whole computer for files:

If your not already in the c: drive you’ll need to type “c:” to change to that drive

Go to the root directory of the c: drive by typing, “**cd**”

Then type “*dir .html /s > list.txt

The /s searches all subdirectories.

I have 2 freeware programs that do this.
They are “Dirlist” and 'JDirPrinter" try googling either because I don’t remember where I got them.
With a little practice you can modify their output to different directories.
Dirlist must be in the directory you want to print.

for a verbose output you should also use the /b switch

*dir .html /b /s > files.txt

Agent Ransack does what you need - and is a far superior search tool anyway.

try here