In your experience, who enjoys pushing buttons more, boys or girls?

See thread title. Poll coming.

ETA. Physical buttons. Not getting on one’s nerves.

Parallel question: are hand dryers in women’s public bathrooms like their counterparts in men’s rooms (i.e. have strategic letters on the “Push Button” signage scratched off, so that it reads “Pus Butt”)?

I’ve never seen that in a men’s room.

You must not have gotten out much.

Definitely guys. Women, in my experience, are very calm and collective when there’s a lot of buttons. My ex used to always get annoyed with my impatience when it came to buttons. She would get annoyed and then laugh as I slowly lost my cool with, say, an elevator not doing what I wanted it to do or my phone. It was in good spirits, though.

One of my brothers is fairly computer illiterate or what I remember him being (don’t talk to him anymore) and would smash his keyboard and mouse when things didn’t work out the way he wanted them to.

When I was a child, I loved pushing buttons.

I loved getting stuff from vending machines, not so much because I wanted the candy bar or can of soda, but because it was such a thrill to push a button to make it come out.

When riding in an elevator, or waiting to cross the street, I always wanted to be the one to push the button.

And of course when computers came along, they had tremendous appeal because of all those buttons to push to get them to do stuff.

I may just be basing my conclusion on a sample size of n=1, but it just somehow seems to me that this kind of attitude is more characteristic of boys than of girls. I would certainly be interested in knowing about any evidence that would confirm or deny this impression.

I have never “gendered” the act of button pushing.:eek:

Not that I wouldn’t, it just doesn’t hit me like toy trucks/baby dolls…ie one is for boys and one is for girls.
As for myself,:rolleyes: I’ve always had a thing for metal toggle switches:p followed by a distinct affinity for high quality rocker switches. (especially lighted ones):smiley:

My sister and I both wanted to push the elevator button when our mother would take us places (I’m a boy). She made us take turns. So on that tiny sample size, it appears pretty much equal.

I have two daughters, 4 and 2. They both love pushing buttons (in both the literal and metaphorical sense.) They insist, every time I go to the car, to push the button to open all the doors. The older one, especially, made a habit when she was younger to push all the buttons on the TV and cable box such that I had to eventually google how in the fuck to get deep down in the menus to change the setting she had changed.

If boys are worse than this, then thank God I don’t have boys.

Are there more female accordion players than there are male?

That’s totally me, at well over age 4. My SO laughs at me, when in a rented car, I have to see what all the buttons do.

Most of the males I know are not really into it unless they know the function and/or want the result. There have been some girls though — I hated taking my MIL anywhere in a new or different car because she just HAD to push every button and switch from the passenger seat. One of the reasons I often made her ride in the back seat.